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So GOG is ending its fair pricing program in March (which offered lower prices in countries the currency wasn't as strong out of GOG's own pockets). Apparently given their plans to lower their cut from developers, they can't foot the bill anymore.


I finally did it! I got 100% in RE2, excluding the DLC. That includes all the items, weapons, models, and concept art as well. With that, I think I can finally put it to rest (heh) for the time being. Definitely going to come back later to do DLC, though!


After hours of blood, sweat, and frustration (I'm so sorry for putting you through that, Claire) I finally managed to get S+ on her hardcore A route. This is genuinely one of my proudest gaming moments.


And there it is! It ended up not being as hard as I thought it would, so I'm changing my plans for the game. I think I'm gonna S+ each route, and then go for a hardcore S or S+. Then I can really really really quit for real this time.


I finally did it. No, /you/ have a problem.


On my Claire A run I finally managed to get S rank! Apparently there's also an S+ rank, but that's more of a restrictive challenge mode from what I can tell. I could have clocked in at under three hours, but I did my RPD section out of order and got lost.


With the release of the Resident Evil 2 remake coming up, I'd like to remind people in qposts that this will be the first time many people experience the game, and formally beseech you to be wary of spoiling major aspects of it. Big thanks.


I forgot to post this earlier when I was sharing it on Discord and stuff, but I drew Lotte from LWA today as a practice for the new drawing program I put on my tablet. It feels good to draw again.


I got an email from Ubisoft asking me to fill out a survey on my experience with Project Stream, and apparently getting a free copy of the game that I'll actually *own*. I assumed the "free game" thing just referring to being able to play the beta. Nice!


Oh duck off, Epic. Instead of spending money on buying exclusivity to strong-arm people into using your platform, how about you actually fix your awful refund policy, data-harvesting, non-existent social features, and flagrant privacy violations? Hmmm?


I broke my obscenely long hiatus from drawing to do this Akko. It still needs a fair amount of cleaning up, but whether or not I actually bother to do that remains to be seen. It was fun drawing again, though.


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s mercenary system is a ton of fun. You can fight procedurally generated bounty hunters that are much tougher than normal enemies for high-end loot and rewards. And if you get wanted in an area, they’ll chase you down.


Hey malákas. I got into the closed beta of Google's new Project Stream, mostly out of morbid curiosity. After an hour, I have to say I'm monumentally surprised, but with important reservations. More thoughts in the comments and feel free to ask questions


I just want to give a huge, huge shoutout to Vxxy for being an absolutely fantastic friend and surprising me with this wonderful Christmas gift. Also he could make it an even wonderfuler Christmas gift by playing Far Cry 5 with me, wink wink nudge nudge.


Here's my contribution to #Carporntoid that also doubles as a way of showing off the Lotte Yanson paint job I spent far too many hours making.


hi i'm not dead please buy me alcohol


I tore apart and cleaned my gaming rig to prep for the new graphics card I bought. Considering my 750 was budget when it came out in 2014, the new 1060 6GB I bought is going to be a massive step up for me. I’m really excited, but also apprehensive.


My beautiful robo-birb boy! He's coming!


I did the thing you guys! Am I a good American yet?


After an hour of work and a considerable amount of elbow grease, the case and manual for Eternal Darkness cleaned up. It had accrued like eight stickers over the years. Was a huge pain to unstick.


I went to my PC a little while ago with the intention of playing Warframe, but due to my tiredness and the allergy medicine I'm taking I got majorly distracted in a tired haze and ended up helping a buddy do IT homework for two hours.


So today I found out that the crappy Assassin's Creed movie from 2016 is partially based off of an AssCreed mobile game from 2009. That is absolutely bizarre.


Guess who has two thumbs and is sopping up dog piss at three in the morning.


Attempt #3 to get back into the community after literal years. GO


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