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Finally finished my new desktop setup, complete with a custom animated Little Witch Academia wallpaper I made in Wallpaper Engine!


Redneck Rampage is so unbelievably trashy and terrible and I can’t stop playing. Its awfulness is honestly super endearing. Please take me out behind the shed and put me out of my misery before I start unironically playing TekWar or Nam or something.


Was looking over EA's games in the past 10 years and was surprised. Outside their regular cash cows like Madden/Sims DLC/BF, they haven't really released much. And aside from the Star Wars games, most of it was mid-budget games like Fe and It Take Two.


I wanted to try doing a video editing refresher, so I made a video of me playing Shadow Warrior '97 as practice. Loving the game so far! Somewhere between Ion Fury and Blood in terms of normal difficulty.


Honestly might preorder the Steam Deck if the press is positive. I finally blessed enough to have disposable income for the first time in my life, and if it's anything like the Steam Link, Vive, or Steam Controller I'll undoubtedly be happy with it.


Honestly might preorder the Steam Deck if the press is positive. I finally blessed enough to have disposable income for the first time in my life, and if it's anything like the Steam Link, Vive, or Steam Controller I'll undoubtedly be happy with it.


Because I absolutely love little-known video game trivia, here's a fun tidbit for you: One of the largest open world maps in gaming is a mod for indie survival game Project Zomboid. It stands between GTAV's ~50sqmi and TW3's ~80sqmi at just over 60sqmi.


“Stop complaining about Yakuza being a JRPG series now! You still have Judement. Get over it!” Judgement:


It’s honestly getting increasingly hard to care about LGBTQ+ representation in games for me because it seems like a vast majority of it is just lesbians. That’s a good start, but there are so many more sexualities and sexual orientations. Seems cynica


Things were going well in NEO Scavenger until I drank some untreated water I thought I had boiled and contracted such a bad case of giardiasis that I literally died of dehydration by shitting myself too much. God, I love this fucking game.✨


I’ve honestly been watching the Dying Light 2 gameplay trailer on repeat, and each time I watch I notice all sorts of new and improved details and mechanics. If it ends up being even half as good as DL it’ll be a win! Absolutely stoked for it.


For a bit of feedback: I had to enable adblock for Destructoid on my phone. Not only did the site run like trash with them on, but they took a ton of screen space. Keeping adblock off for my other devices, but still a bummer. Primarily used my phone here.


I know this is borderline impossible, but I wish every open world game had an option to “greet” or “antagonize” NPCs like in Red Dead Redemption 2. Just being able to start up an actual, albeit short conversation with any NPC made the world feel s


Playing Resident Evil 6 is like having a multiple-hour-long stroke and I think it’s turning me into The Joker. If I didn’t have an experienced co-op partner I think the game would literally fry my brain from the amount of new mechanics it throws at yo


Beat DMC3 with Kerrik! Probably my favorite so far. Dante and Vergil are both huge dweebs, but Lady is genuinely badass. The climactic boss fight with Vergil kicked my butt, but on my final run I did pretty well! Also, B!


To the people who have played RE8’s demo: would you say the enemies are about as bullet-spongey as hardcore RE2 Remake or hardcore and up in RE3? Those were both so spongey that zombies were best avoided entirely, but I still enjoyed them a ton.


As of today, I have now been a site member for exactly eight years, not counting the year or two I spent lurking without an account. It’s change in too many ways to describe, but the people here are still just as wonderful as they were when I joined. �


In light of my upcoming eight-year anniversary on the site, I’ve been trying to be more active here. For today’s update, whatever could this package be?


So many game updates today. Got my Steam Controller in the mail finally, beat Devil May Cry 2 and got to "enjoy" the ending, downloaded a bunch of updates and mods for Project Zomboid, just an all-around good day for gaming for me.


Playing through DMC2 with Kerrik and it's just as awful as I was led to believe. I laughed so hard during the helicopter fight on the roof that I had a genuine coughing fit after almost choking on my beer. I literally just stood in place the entire fight.


Unpopular opinion, but I really like achievements you can get just by playing the game. Beating chapters, killing enemies, difficulties, etc. Not because they're good, but because you can see how different people play and where they give up and stuff.


Had too much foodstuffs clogging my inventory in Fallout, so I made a food bank so that people could take some for free if they needed it. Other players have been really helpful so I wanted to return the favor somehow, despite being low-level.


Happy birthday Vxxy I love yooouuu big smoochies


Tried my hand at 3D modeling for the very first time! It was a lot of fun, even with all the trial and error. The program is Nomad Sculpt for Android and iOS.


Finally had the chance to play more RE3 and I love it! It's not quite RE1/RE2 Remake or RE7 or Revelaitons, but it's definitely up there for me. Definitely more action-y than RE2 but not nearly as much as Rev or RE4 so far. Also made a new sewer friend!


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