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Mass Effect 2 DLC: Overlord

Note: Spoilers Are abundant Note2: It has been a long time since i wrote anything for Distructoid so i apologize in advance for grammatical errors and other foolishness. So last night i decided to download the M.E2 DLC Overlord on a whim ...


World of Warcraft: Utgarde Keep

As most of you IRC Dtoiders know and maybe some of you non IRC regulars. I play world of Warcraft a lot. In fact chances are if you see me on Sexbox live and I am just idling or watching a movie. It�s because I am playing Warcraft and I am ...


In Honor of Sir Hitogoroshi

For those of you who don't know. Where the hell have you been for the last few years. Hitogoroshi is the Jesus Christ All Star of the online dtoid IRC community. I say this of course because i honestly think so and because the man is going ...


My Gaming Setup - Pt 1 (The Workplace)

Hitogoroshi's recent C-blog about gaming setups (I am of course referring to this one got me thinking about revamping/updating my own and sharing it with everyone. Plus i haven't C-blogged about anything in awhile and i thought this might b...



Gamerscore, whether you love the concept or not, has become one of the most popular features about Xbox Live since its inception. Points are awarded for the completion of game-specific challenges, such as beating a level or amassing a speci...


Army of Two Achievements released

Not everyone is excited to see this game finally coming out but i am and i am damn proud to admit it. The list consists of a total thirty-seven Achievements with six of those being secret Achievements. Like all good games, this one is rife ...


CoD4 regains Xbox Live crown

According to Major Nelson's list of most played Xbox Live games, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has again (for the second time) taken the Live crown and bumped a very stubborn Halo 3 to the second slot. Juicy good! Not two weeks ago, CoD4...


How to spot a Falcon 65nm 360 in the wild

If you're in the market for a new Xbox 360, you'll want to make sure you know how to spot the new Falcon model of Microsoft's wonder machine. Why? Because the Falcon model Xbox 360s have both the cooler (temperature) 65 nanometer chips as w...


Viking - New Trailer released

The only way you should not know about this is if you have been living under a rock lately. Vikings + Slaughtering Things that move = WIN!!! Anything with Vikings is WIN frankly. Very much looking forward to this. A fierce struggle is ...


Tiberium Gameplay

Dunno if anyone else saw this yesterday but the FPS Tiberium released a teaser video of its gameplay. Pretty standard gameplay, shoot the enemies, boss your A.I Buddies around so they shoot enemies and suck less. i am liking the player mo...


U.S Army to Sponsor Halo 3 Tournaments

First blog post in awhile so forgive me if i don't format this in a super duper cool way like everyone else does. "The U.S. Army Sniper School is sponsoring a special Play & Win contest featuring Halo� 3. The entry period for the sweepstak...


What music do you listen to while you play?

One of the more frequent discussions that comes up during my WOW guild discussions and conversations between friends on Live is what people listen to while their playing. I'm always interested in finding out what people are listening to bec...


Mass Effect - A Space Opera?

Slight spoilers ahead. Also I've never been a big writer so i apologize for my rambling sort of process. If i ever make a habit out of this i will make a serious attempt to work on my writing style. I finally beat Mass Effect over the week...


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