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My god I forgot how good ODST's campaign was. I don't think I appreciated the neo-noir influence and slower, tougher combat when I was younger because so far this is outstanding. Halo could use more spin-offs like this


I started dabbling in MTG Arena, and it's pretty fun. The art is obviously pretty and invokes a lot of imagination, but after you finish those stupid color challenges, is the only thing left PvP? Is there no other free way to obtain cards, even slowly?


A SKATEBOARDING ANIME BY BONES?????????????????????????? IS THIS A DREAM COME TRUE????????????


Welp, my main system at work is down so I've decided to wait on the phone for 40 minutes to talk to the water company about my upcoming move. What's Dtoid up to this weekend? I'm gonna try an edible tonight, then probably do boring Adult Stuff


Not only did FFXVI look spectacular, the fact that Naoki Yoshida (FFXIV director/producer) is a producer means we are at least getting a spectacular story and characters. I cannot fucking wait, and I hope it gets a day-1 PC version or goodbye $570


Not super original, but MHA is my favorite shounen anime of all time and this #OPToid got me pumped every episode during the season it aired. That All Might breakdown gives me chills!


The Pumpkin Jack demo was great! Really looking forward to the full release!


I've been enjoying Neverwinter Nights, but holy shit I cannot deal with the AI, pathfinding, and lack of control for your party members. Being a druid is impossible when you bear runs away from fights to smack his head on a door.


Doing some late night streaming for a few hours with Never Winter Nights--this time with a camera! Come drop a follow, chat, look at my long glorious hair. It would be most heinous! https://www.twitch.tv/mamekumaaa


I had no idea that Immortals game was like a Breath of the Wild-type game, which is actually pretty neat. There's a lot I don't like about it (the art and animations, the Greek theme, Ubisoft) but I may have to keep an eye on it for a sale


That new Crash 4 Tawna redesign is some serious ready-for-porn furry shit, and I am so here for it. She looks great!


I 100%-ed Ty the Tasmanian Tiger on Steam yesterday, what a fun game. It was half nostalgia, but I think it is legit one of the best B-side platformers of the 6th generation with a lot of Sonic and Mega Man vibes. Highly recommended, STRUTH!


My stream on Saturday went extremely well--I had 5 consecutive viewers, and a nice Austrian man from outside Dtoid joined in and talked for hours about DnD, anime, and Yu-Gi-Oh! Let's do an early, short Labor Day stream https://www.twitch.tv/mamekumaaa


Doing a bit of a Neverwinter Nights stream, late night! Come say hi and drop a follow! https://www.twitch.tv/mamekumaaa


Just played a few rounds of Spellbreak and won 2/3 games. It's... fine. It's very pretty with it's Dragon Prince-esque art direction, and I really enjoy the magic-focused combat with combos and shit, but I dunno. Probs just not ready for another BR.


Holy fuck, RIP Chadwick Boseman. You were a perfect casting for an inspiring hero, and I will miss you dearly. Fuck 2020.


Lady and I going on '90s anime binges, so far: Digimon Adventure - terrible animation and localization, but cool story; Inuyasha - kinda boring, no power creep; Yu-Gi-OH! - fucking insane and entertaining. Super excited to watch Digimon tri and the remake


I haven't heard any news on Youkai Watch 4's English release in almost a year and I am concerned. I could always import it, but goddammit, I was told we'd get it in English!


Ya'll it finally happened, our latest offer on a house was accepted!! I can finally have a room to stream in and a second bathroom! And more animals!!! We move in just 2 weeks before the wedding in October! AHHHHH


I finally saw a full playthrough of Last of Us 2 thanks to Mega64, and the end of the game made me appreciate it more. I still don't like Ellie's side one bit, but it ended as best it could. Glad I didn't buy it, but happy I finally saw it through


It just struck me that after FIVE YEARS all we got from Rocksteady is a CGI trailer that could've been outsourced. And a release date in 2022? What kind of development hell has this company been going through? Also Robert Pattinson will be a good Batman


Also, I'm pretty sure there's science behind whiskey hitting you harder if you drink it through a straw because HOO BOY, thanks Zaxby's diet coke dispenser


Here's to hoping that Suicide Squad game is the quality DC game we deserve, as Rocksteady hasn't let me down yet (Arkham Knight was my favorite of the trilogy!). Time to redownload the Arkham trilogy and 100% them again!


"Have you been wanting a new Batman game for the past five years? Let's get you a new o--What's that? Kids are into 'live service' RPG gimmicks, you say? And they pay MONEY for stuff?? Fucking hell, let's do that!" - Warner Bros.


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