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So I have to say I was wrong about the Witcher 3. Playing in death March at the insistence of a friend. Fucking love it, normally not a big story guy in games, but the writing is really good so far, glad it's on switch. What games have you flipped on?


Finished up another playthrough of Doom 16 last night on switch. That game is fucking demon killing Zen. Ordered the switcher 3 today. Looking forward to finally trying it.


Happy Friday you loverly folks. Playing drunk doom on switch while drinking the dark liquors.


Just about wrapped up the super bosses of Torna in xeno 2. Trying to so some back logging before I invest in the switcher 3. ðŸĪŠ


Room temperature take: HP Lovecraft > Edgar Allan Poe Edited sp for sucking


Spice take 2020: persona's vocal tracks on their songs ruin them. I like FFXV more than XII, red dead 2's story isn't that great, the uncharted series has a lame premise. Alien covenant is way better than premetheus. blade runner 2049 is better than 1st


Been replaying dark souls on switch with a strength build (demon's great ass!). The fucking bed of chaos is terrible every time I fight it. It seems like it has gotten worse with age. Also easy quote "this is good, Isn't it?".


My top 5 of 2019 is as follows 5. Sekiro 4. Weegi's Mansion 3 3. Daemon X Machina 2. Death Stranding 1. Fire emblem three houses


As we near the end of a decade and a new year, what are your gaming hopes/excitables for 2020? I'm ready for FFVIIR, Xenoblade DE, and hope we get some more xeno news. What about you lot?


Any of you sexy Bois know the best way to get a 4-5 perfect IV ditto in sword n' shield?


So as much as I am enjoying death stranding I cannot say the same thing about the timefall album. There are a few good songs on there but most of it is not my bag...🙃


The internet is talking about borderlands 3 and I'm just here fucking up some robots


Final Fantasy 8 is more fun than I remember. Granted I think I broke it with triple triad, juntions, and getting squall's final weapon in disc 1. Oh well, the music is lovely.


I don't know if it has already been posted, but the monolith soft head honcho's wife retweeted the Nintendo direct info...which usually means xeno related news. Half mast gentlemen...half... mast.


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