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It’s weird how soothing dominoes can be.


I love moviepass but I’m getting tired of their cryptic emails. Starting “sometime soon“, seeing movies in “high demand“ times “could“ incur “additional fees“. Every email they send is a new benchmark in vague business talk.


So I noticed that on elder scrolls online, that screen with the fine print when you boot it up, it says – uses granny animation. Either granny is the name of the animation studio or they understand, Elder scrolls6 needs a new engine.


Question… would you ever read a fiction blog, with episodic chapters , and if so, what kind of fiction would you be most drawn to? Considering starting a sci-fi, but… Anything with lore seems tough to make up as you go


So what's the easiest way to post primitive guitar recordings that I record on my phone? Do I have to upload them to YouTube? I've written a few inspired by my favorite classic RPG's and would like to share :)


Playing through the new doom. "In order for you to gain access to my core, the demonic threat must be eliminated from the room ahead." How has this not become a meme yet?


Just to be clear, you can still play death stranding if you've already defeated the Orphan of Kos, right?


How funny would it be if one of Sony's big announcements was Knack as a free PS plus games. Instant e3 win.


Has anyone gotten the model of dogmeat in the fallout 4 loading screen? Because it has no dick. Could it in fact be, Ladymeat?


Sitting down for first play through of Final Fantasy 7 in years and years. The new PS4 version. Determined to save aires this time.


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Just moved home from California to Massachusetts. Going from being a guitar player, living in a guesthouse, next-door to Marilyn Manson, to being a slight recluse and living in my mother's guestroom in a 55+ community. Strange times!

My days can be pretty brutal but by night I am usually stoned, a little sedated and having fun on the PS4. Come join me, won't you? I like to play RPG's, co-op games, some shooters, some PS plus titles.
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