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Life lessons courtesy of Full Throttle


Monkey Island Mondays ;)


is it wrong that i find this really cool?


This game was everything! It's only $6 on GoG so everyone download it now so we can talk about it plzzzzz


The secret sauce of Super Metroid

It was Metroid’s 30th anniversary recently, and although the celebrations were a bit scarce on the Nintendo front, fans took to the internet to show their appreciation of the series, most notably in the form of AM2R (which has now, sa...

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About Loutopiaone of us since 1:17 PM on 08.04.2016

Gaming began for me with Atari, R-Type in particular. It's weird cos I can't play those games now without getting insanely angry, I guess I had more patience as a kid. I then graduated to PC games with Monkey Island being the game that changed everything for me. Monkey Island, alongside other adventure titles like MYST, Zork and The Longest Journey are what turned gaming from just a hobby to what is now effectively an obsession.

My favourite games of all time include Earthbound, Super Metroid and Crash Bandicoot(add these to the already mentioned Adventure titles). I also really like Animal Crossing, but I forget to check on my town often and end up coming back to some seriously pissed off townspeople. I am not solely a retro gamer, but I as I get more old and forgetful it's nice to hold on the nostalgia.

As an introvert I recently found the world of cosplay and it's helping my confidence, I try to make a new costume for each big con here but time/funds see me rushing at the last minute every damn time. Favourite cosplay I've done has to be Cat Peach(Super Mario 3D Land).

Always on the lookout for new games, comics and stuff to watch so don't be a stranger and get at me with anything you think is awesome.

Instagram: talesfromloutopia
Twitter: afro_cosplay