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Pokemon name escelation. What's next?

The first three Pokemon games had a rather simple pattern of naming them after colors. So on the original Gameboy, we had: 1.-2. Red - Blue/Green (depending on the region) 3. Yellow After that, Nintendo evidently decided that was a litt...


Ten Rules for Graphics Whores.

New title is because I didn't feel the previous ones worked. In response to Jim Sterlin's excellent blog post about graphical hype,* I'm compiling my own ten rules list of graphics whoring (I do hope this hasn't been done already). * Alth...


What offends you in a game?

The recent flap about Resident Evil 5 being racist got me thinking about how people can be offended by anything. So it got me curious. Is there something in a video game that offends you? Me, it's when a female character just does nothing ...


Tron returns!

Tron To Triumphantly Return To Theaters In 2011 (And In 3D!) Yep, a sequel is finally coming! Okay, the first wasn't the best ever, but it's not as though half of what we love of the '80s is that great. The point is whether this movie wil...


The Top Ten Console Specs

What is a spec? It's basically one of the ways to measure the power of a component. In other words, the Cell processor is a component. The 3.2 Ghz clock speed is a spec. Specs tend to be overlooked a lot, especially since they are often mi...


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