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In the spirit of Shade's post. I dont think I ever properly introduced the love of my life. Meet Sally. I've played games a long time, but I didnt consider myself a gamer until late in life. Cars was always my hobby. Love getting my hands dirty.


It's morphing time!


I havent doodled in over 13 years. I just had an urge today.


I like big butts and I can not lie


I hate Kirin. I went to restock and motherfucker got me at the entrance of camp. You SOB!


That's Kirin.


No work. Time to get drunk, eat and blow shit up. Wooo Merica!


Almost going on half a year playing MHW. I thought I was done, but I keep going. This is a jumping final blow on an Anjanath trying to escape.


I give you Baby Wes


Life can really knock you on your ass. Sometimes you just need a little breather.


A little over 200 hrs and I think I'm done with MHW for a bit. Maybe. On to my shiny new toy. Welcome back Switch.


Man, I'm having withdrawals. I need some new Fire Emblem on Switch.


#CommunityShoutout to Tohsaka. I got a better laptop and cheaper because of him. I got the ROG. It's orange, too!


It's friday. Be happy!


New Civ leader. Nice.


Bad news: My laptop crapped out. Good News: Buying an upgrade. Decided to spend a fair amount for one that will hopefully last longer. Got one that's probably more than I need. Lovin' the red theme.


Happy Birthday Torch! Everyone hates you and your waifu. Except me! Especially when youre MeanMechaMike.


Summoned my inner Ackbong. Saw this little guy in the streets. Thought it was dead, but it was breathing. Wrapped it up and took him in. He's awake now, but just chillin. Hopefully it just needs some rest and not sick. I dont know what to feed it, though


Yayuh! I found the $150 I thought I lost. Im glad money doesnt disintegrate in the washer :)


Aw sad panda. I accidentally dropped some paint remover on my spotless 3DS. LE no less. I feel like buying another one, even though I prob wont play it.


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