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Damn MHW. First the Gala suit, now Geralt.


Went to visit my sister in Pacific City over the weekend. It's SE of Portland, OR. It's way out in the boonies, but it's nice and quiet. She lives less than a block from the beach. I had fun. More pics in the comments.


At first, I thought these were dumb. What am I going to use these metal things for? Now I have 3 and hope every game comes with one xD Kinda like a merit badge. These were for Witcher3, Ace7, and DarkSouls3.


Woooooo!!! I updated my password!


Got my wings over the weekend. I am so happy, sometimes, with it. Just controlling the fighter is a challenge in itself, but rewarding when you "get it". I'll be hearing "missle,missle,missle,beep,beep,beep" in my sleep for a while.


Happy Birthday everyone!! Don't let no one get you down. But if they do, Dtoid will be around.




I used to love fighting against people who didnt know how to play. It was so easy and hilarious. Really great if both knew how to play. I can go for a new one.


Super Mario, Tales of Vesperia, Ace Combat, Resident Evil. Slow your roll January.


Good riddance 2018


Well, I'm ready for the weekend.


Happy New Year Dtoid fam! You know what helps with a hangover? More alcohol.


You expected Gundam. But it was me, Starscream!


Nooooo Waaaaay! I didn't expect this today. Glad I came to work. The order page still says pre-order.


Got good news & bad news. Bad news: I don't have my PS3 collection anymore :( Good news: I gave them away to my friend's nephew(12). He lives in El Salvador and he says that games are hard and expensive to come by. I didn't hesitate to help a young gamer.


#carporntoid Yes! Got myself a christmas present. Bought this 350z for $800 at an auction. There's parts missing, but nothing major I can't fix. Here she is sitting next to her older sister, the 300z. She's even white pearl to match :)


Ugh, back to work. Atleast I had this waiting for me when I got there. Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Around this time, customers will stop by and bring us little thank you's. This one is prob my favorite. I rarely drink anymore, but I might make an exceptoin tonight. Although, I drink my whiskey straight. I might mix em up.


TFW you dont browse Dtoid on the weekend and you miss out on that PSVR deal. I've spent more on alcohol!


oooo #Carporntoid Awhile ago I showed you my '68 Mustang. Today I give you my Dad's. A '69 Mustang Mach1. The only thing left is to istall the dash and update the rims. People love my car, until they see my Dad's xD


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