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Guild Wars 2 Alpha and Beta coming 2011

Though I had almost forgotten about Guild Wars 2 with Star Wars the Old Republic dominating my MMO interest this year news has very recently come to light on its alpha and beta testing both of which will be coming in 2011. That is all. So...


Oragami Killing: I Played Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain is the most story driven roleplaying game you didnít play last year. Note: This post is as spoiler free as I could make it. Before I played Heavy Rain I had a lot of opinions thrown my way, most of it boiling down to ďitís mo...


A Repost: The games industry is great!

I am reposting this here, from a thread on facepunch replying to the following orignal post. What the fuck is happening? Remember back when consoles got along? People weren't screaming f*g** for using the scope on your rifle? Activision ju...


Play as Al-qaeda, Good.

If there is something I enjoy in video games, it is immersion in a setting that feels real, or that I can relate to the world we ourselves inhabit. 21 Hours ago at time of writing Hamza posted this article, commenting on EA's use of the Al-...


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