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something, something, #Miniontoid Yes I'm always this late.


Hm... since when do you get a free game every week on the Epic store? Wasn't every two weeks not enough?


I don't even know what that means but I'm bored and don't have anything better to post right now anyway.


Hm... I didn't know the City a few miles north was such a grim dark place...


So, Torch also has birthdays? Well, hope it's a happy one.


My uncle, who obviously works at Nintendo, forwarded me their next planned sets of Nintendo Labo kits. Marketing dep. still tries to find a reasonable way to market it outside of the US though.


Current Status: Sometimes reality catches up to you and you remember your actual age.


Yesterday on the private special Nintendo Direct.


Hm... not sure why this happend but I did something stupid again. Is this a trend?


When the Chapter Master is off duty...heresy happens.


Well... not sure what to say. Guess France has the high ground now...


When the hell did that happen?


Of all those HD remasters companys throw at us this is something I would actually care about for a bit. Too bad it will probably disappear in a bit thanks to Disney/EA. Skip to 5 mins for moving stuff.


How did I miss this for so long? Time to reinstall good old Ufo Enemy Unknown.


My favorite starter pokemon.


So it's Limo this time? Guess I'll mix it with #catgirlfirday because I'm pragmatic.


And that, ladies and gentleman, is why I don't have a girlfriend... Never again!


I need to try the Hitman 2 Sniper coop mode and this Ghost mode one of those days ... too bad I don't have friends.


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