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In the far future of the Gundam Wing universe even your medical files are photoshopped...


I guess I need to spank Wes for sending me a mail with a used steam key.


Does someone here own Hitman 2 (2018) and is willing to help me get the Sniper Assassin mode coop achievements? I would prefer to avoid adding random people from the Steam forum...


I'm dedicating this day to the underboobs of Sandra Renton.


I was bored so I also made a thing as you guys still seem to post them...


What was your first RTS and how does it hold up today?


Why the hell did I start learning how to mod Doom 2? Am I really that bored?


Somehow there wasn't an image in my last post... Guess it was just too cruel.




My last 5 hours of Bloodstained were running around and trying to figure out how to continue. I'll probably be totally overleveled when I finally find the next boss. And no, I'll not google it, I'll just adjust my opinion of the game.


The fuck?


something, something, #Miniontoid Yes I'm always this late.


Hm... since when do you get a free game every week on the Epic store? Wasn't every two weeks not enough?


I don't even know what that means but I'm bored and don't have anything better to post right now anyway.


Hm... I didn't know the City a few miles north was such a grim dark place...


So, Torch also has birthdays? Well, hope it's a happy one.


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