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Hey SquareEnix, either announce a TWEWY game or shut the fuck up. I'm happy y'all still recognize the game but at this point all this teasing for random shit is putting a bad taste in my mouth.


A very decent Switch sale popping off at Best Buy.


Just wrapped the NMH 2 remaster and I've gotta say that for all the improvements it made to the original, NMH 1 definitely had the more memorable boss fights.


Insomniac added the Spider-Verse suit to Miles Morales and my jaw is on the floor. Crazy bastards did it and did it right. Damn


Anyone remember the last time Michael Pachter made sense?


I'm getting less bummed out about Steve's inclusion and getting more excited to get my hands on them. I'm really interested in how they play and I hope they drop on Saturday after the presentation. And Sakurai roasting Nintendo for this was a highlight


Well that was frustratingly awful. Honest congrats to anyone who nabbed a Series X pre-order. Best Buy decided to be a tease with one in my cart for about an hour before telling me they ran out.


Haven't seen the conference yet, but looking at the news it looked a banger. Miles Morales coming to PS4, new FF and GOW, and playable Vergil (PS4 too, hopefully?) My money is going to the Series X this year, but that's still a damn good show.


Interesting news - NIS is delisting Rodea from the Wii U and 3DS eshops on the 29th. However, they've deeply discounted the physical versions of both games at their online store. Could make for a nice little collectible. (Link in comments)


Wrapped up Borderlands 3 this past weekend. TLDR; surprised that the writing gets better over time, love playing as a sarcastic Irishman, and I begrudgingly...like Ava. Despite her bullshit. Want to post more thoughts later.


DOOM Eternal got a patch that nerfs weapon swap speed to the point where it's no longer a character action game. Apparently it was done for fairness in the MP no one plays. Damn.


Back in on Borderlands 3 after picking up a used copy at my local shop, and maaaan what the fuck is this inventory management and how was/is it a good idea?


Was loving Minecraft Dungeons on my Switch until I ran into the infinite loading glitch. How lovely.


Bouncing off W101 super hard. The mechanics aren't clicking and it's getting frustrating not seeing attacks coming at you due to the perspective. It's insanely charming for sure, but I'm not having as much fun with it as I'd hoped.


Hey Dtoid - I'm looking to upgrade my chair game. Been researching the Secret Lab Omega chairs but was wondering if y'all had suggestions or opinions on Omega or other options.


Hey Doom Eternal players - avoid using the IDKFA cheat until Id releases a patch. It's been glitching and rearranging the weapon mods when you go back to the main campaign. Heads up.


Whatcha playing on your 3DS, Destructoid? (Sorry for stealing your bit, Moyse).


I love what I love. Also, this thing is great if you want to play something while zoning out to YouTube videos at the same time.


You know it's bad when your fiancee, who hasn't touched a Pokemon game since X&Y, also thinks Hop is an insufferable piece of work.


Continuing from my last QPost - Bloodstained Switch still needs work, but it's not a total loss. Aside from bits of missing audio, aside from the shortcut menu removing my weapon, it's a great fuckin game @ $20.


Nabbed Bloodstained and SR 3 for the Switch at $20 a piece from Best Buy this weekend, knowing full well they had rocky starts. Haven't tested Bloodstained out yet, but I haven't run into any troubles with SR 3. Looks like they fixed it.


Appreciating how Jedi: Fallen Order doesn't beat you over the head with it's FromSoft mechanics and more eases them in naturally as you play. Less 'forced' (ha), more 'homage.'


Anyone know how big the Smash 6.0 update is g.b.-wise? No Wi-Fi at work so I was going to use my phone's data. Don't want to nuke the data I have left, though.


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