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The Metallic Taste After Waking Up

Hello~ I just got up from a nap. Well�I mean, I got up from a nap about 30 minutes ago. I think that�s a good place to start. Naps I am so envious of people who can take a 30 min. � 1 hour nap and wake up feeling refreshed. Wheneve...


There Was a Hole Here. It's Gone Now.

I�ve been playing a lot of survival horror games recently. Dead Rising Hilarious, camp, I beat a zombie to death with plates. The game isn�t even scary and my thinking is that because you know that there are zombies everywhere and that ev...


Tab Key! Where's My Tab!?!?

~And though the holes were rather small, they had to count them all~ I know I�ve been saying this recently with all my personal blogs, but it really feels like a long time since I sat down to write like this. Kindness It never ceases t...


R&R: Read and Relax...or Something.

So there won't be any interviews this week. Not that I don't have any. I do. It's just that I need some more so I can have a theme going on. Also, it's my fault that there aren't any more because the last two weeks were a bit more hecti...


Jazz, Games, Mafias, and Whore!!!

Right, so it's been a fun two weeks and I think we can all sigh a breath of relief for....something. Lots of fun things have happened since I last blogged. I think I'll tackle it topic. by. topic. Baccano! I'm not much of an anime fan, b...


A Year in Review: Poor Memory Doesn't Help

I guess it is high time I write a �year in review/year 2011� post. Now, I have one of the worst memories out of anyone I know and to remember the things I�ve enjoyed and loved is a bit tricky because I love so much. I. Love. Everything. Wel...


Merry Christmas!

Seeing as though this is my first official Christmas here on D-Toid as a member, I want to wish everyone a safe and merry Christmas. Remember, most jolly related accidents happen this time of year, so all of you should remember to be on yo...


Dear Mr. Dixon

In response to this Who sings of all of Love's eternity Who shines so bright In all the songs of Love's unending spells? Holy lightning strikes all that's evil Teaching us to love for goodness sake. Hear the music of Love Eternal Teaching ...


Norwegian Wood and Chapter 1

Attention unofficial D-Toid Murakami fan club. So the Norwegian Wood movie came out this week and has been well received. I'm really excited that the possibility of a good Murakami movie has come out, though Norwegian Wood would probably m...


Law of Pictures and Videos

The whole dash+sentence of something in my head stream of consciousness style has served me well, but feels a bit empty.....Well, here you go. I said this once before and I will say it again. Twitter is a gateway social....thing. After som...


For Here am I Sitting in a Tin Can

So I discovered this little thing called Twitter over the weekend, maybe you heard of it. Well for a guy like me has shunned social networking out of a paranoid fear of the dark crevices of the internet, I'm strangely okay with writing 140...


Law of Short Blogs

I just finished studying for some big exam and I began to calm my nerves by playing LoZ: Wind Waker when I wanted to write about how I instinctively reached out to a game to wind down. I chose it because I'm in the middle of replaying it a...


Law of Overcoming Writer's Block

So tomorrow I have a mound of things to do. It's my week for Commentoid so expect to see that go up tomorrow, an interview may or may not go up, and then I have to go off and wrestle a bear. I was suddenly hit by a sudden tingle of a feelin...


I Need a Title: Laying Down a Title.

Remember I wrote that I liked writing individual titles? Well my creative juices dried up months ago so now I need to find a title for my non interview blogs. Is it lazy if I'm lying on my bed with the keyboard on my lap writing my blog f...


Killzone Anyone?

I was born without the gift of thumbs....I think that is enough of a reason to give me a Playstation 3 so that I could play Uncharted.....wait. So yeah, I'm just here posting a blog (hopefully) just to fill the voids on Tuesdays and...


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