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I am exceptionally okay at video games! RE 3 is done. Took a bit getting in the mood for it (not the game's fault, just life stuff), but it was a good time. Not REmake 2 good, but not everything's REmake 2 good. Still enjoyed it!


I found a new villager!


Parismio gave me a sweet Isabelle poster! He's a prince! The... uh, poster and the choice of ensemble are unrelated. Probably.


An important message for everybody here. Pay close attention, please.


I just found out the first confirmed PA death from coronavirus was a guy up the street from where my parents live. And a co-worker is still quarantined and being tested. And I'm still working through this. What the fuck Pennsylvania?


I talked to my work about my co-worker being quarantined. I said I'm showing zero symptoms 7 days in, but they can take up to 11.5 days to show in most cases, and 14 in extreme ones. I was told if I'm not vomiting it's fine to come in. Back to the fray.


1,398 out of 1,406. The eight missing are all event spirits I can't get right now. There are two more I've had but don't have now, but I can't find 'em and fuck 'em. This is good enough... for now.


A co-worker that's essentially been absent for four days but has been in close proximity to me is now being told to test for the virus or quarantine for 2 weeks. He probably just has a stomach flu though... I hope? Staying home until I'm sure.


Pennsylvania is under shutdown for all non-essential businesses. Warehousing is considered essential and the order isn't mandatory, so I get to go to work to fulfill the essential task of getting rich people their jewelry, fur coats and ties. Joy.


The meme just keeps getting better and better.


Currently at 1,314 spirits out of 1,406, with 1,329 total that I've attained overall. Is this supposed to be fun? Am I doing this... for fun? Is this what masochism feels like?




I still can't believe I bought... Rage 2? For $30, $10 than I was recommending. I'm an idiot. I'm an idiot with a particular itch though, and Rage 2's combat just scratches it like nothing else. Guess the wait for DOOM Eternal was too long.


Maybe you guys can help me out here. I have literally 1,200 spirits in Smash Ultimate, and it's getting harder and harder to find any on the spirit board. Any tips? Are there ones you can only get through summoning?


Someone made a change.org petition to get Wario in Super Mario Maker 2, and I felt the unshakable urge to sign and share. We only got six signees, and we can get it to 100 EZ PZ! Link in comments.


Gosh, I love Fight'N Rage. I had to make a QPost just to say that. They just don't make beat-em-ups like this, even the good ones. Got all but one of the endings with Ricardo, just beat it with Gal without continuing. This is gonna last me a good while.


If I downvoted you, you probably deserve it. Repent, sinners! Also I almost never downvote so either my hand slipped or what you said was genuinely just plain bad.


I know where my bread is buttered.


Netherrealm knows exactly how to draw my interest back in - with pointless and excessive stat tracking!


Direct Predictions - I don't know, I'm not a fortune teller. SMT V and this purported spin-off are safe bets. Bayonetta 3's been too long without any info. Last Smash character is Master Chief or Doomslayer with free Waluigi addition.


I'm spending my New Year playing The Witcher III on Death March difficulty, after Crash Team Racing failed to hold my interest. Decided to go with a bomb for the beginning of this fight and the results were... kinda unexpectedly gory really.


Merry Christmas and etc.


After much deliberation, I went a totally different direction and bought Road Rash 2. It hooks up to an HDMI TV and includes a controller. It even comes with 41 other Sega Genesis games! I also saw a Solid Snake amiibo in the wild and couldn't say no.


Gonna throw up a Q for the DToiders here: Judgment, Sam Shodown or Catherine? Leaning towards Judgment but it's the only one not on sale on PSN, and I do want all three eventually. I own and beat the original Catherine, which affects my choice as well.


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