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After much deliberation, I went a totally different direction and bought Road Rash 2. It hooks up to an HDMI TV and includes a controller. It even comes with 41 other Sega Genesis games! I also saw a Solid Snake amiibo in the wild and couldn't say no.


Gonna throw up a Q for the DToiders here: Judgment, Sam Shodown or Catherine? Leaning towards Judgment but it's the only one not on sale on PSN, and I do want all three eventually. I own and beat the original Catherine, which affects my choice as well.


In the midst of a should I/shouldn't I about continuing the truck driving thing, I decided to play American Truck Simulator for its free weekend. I learned three things: driving is really boring, driving is really lucrative, and I can't stop playing.


C'mon guys. A thousand of you could get together for Dreezy's stream last night. There's no reason in fuck that Neronium should have a whopping two right now. Go support him! He's streaming for charity for the kids! What have you done today!?


I guess dog fucking has gone out of style now.


This is the kinda dumb shit that makes me live.


Shit, I didn't know I was some magical witch girl.


The two best-dressed in the entire precinct.


Also, since I haven’t harassed you maniacs in awhile, here’s another:


Shit. I’ve been called out!


It took 3/4ths of a year, but I finally did it.


Holy hell. Online Smash really is the worst. What are we paying Nintendo for here!?


Hey baby.


I KNEW Super Mario Maker 2’s online levels reminded me of something.


TIL: most of the development staff for Fire Emblem: Three Houses wasn’t Intelligent Systems, but was the staff at Koei responsible for the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series. Much as I love RotK, I’m not sure how to feel about that.


Lots of things can be said about Mortal Kombat 11. One thing that cannot be said, though, is that I haven’t been enjoying it.


New Bloodstained update. No new info on Switch or backer DLC updates: that’s next week. Lots of goodies going up today though: digital soundtrack, art book, PS4 theme codes. And a groovy, cool fix for Japan backers waiting for their copy.


I don’t wear watches, but my favorite is still the pre-order replica for Zero Time Dilemma.




So, uh, I finally beat Bloodstained today. Got to the credits, wanted to see where I was on the backer list and, uh... I’m literally the first person. Is this a joke?


I’m reeeeeaaaaally gonna have fun with Miriam’s hat game.


Oh good. Now I can’t play any of my PS4 games because it can’t verify licenses. It says it’s not my primary PS4. It SHOULD be set as my primary PS4. It’s the only damn one I own. What the fuck Sony?


Remember, Soul, this is your fault. The blood’s on your hands now.


God. Someone just gimme some sleeping pills so I can wake up in 11 hours to see Endgame. The wait is killing me.


Still playing Yakuza: Dead Souls. It isn’t a good time, but it sure is a fun time. If there’s any game I’d love to see remade in the Dragon Engine, it’s this. I’m still digging it, warts and all.


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