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Hot Take : Three years in, Overwatch is fairly balanced finally.


Punch Out remake for the switch would be pretty cool. Just throwing that out there Nintendo


Hot take : Soulsborne games make you earn easy mode by beating them first. NG+ is always leagues easier.


Gonna drop random pieces I've done through out the day. Here's my Childish Gambino piece.


Started this piece tonight since the others are still drying


Staying busy on a Friday night. Stoked for the new movie.


Photography is a good time. Friday Night Lights. You could say I'm pretty ... lit.


Sorry for the art spam. Here's a close up of the in progress Sekiro piece


that new trailer though. here's a painting. Put a smile on


4x6 ft BOTW triptych that I still haven't finished along with some collectibles


Sorry for the poor lighting. Here's a 36x48 start to a sekiro painting


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