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I choose you Gonoreamon, discharge, go!


I feel pretty confident that Cap'n Crunch earned his rank through active service. He constantly wages war against the roof of my mouth.


As we get older, as the world gets crazier and as we surf into this wild new year it's import to remember to be excellent to eachother.


RiffRaff! Wishing you more butts on your birthday than just your finger breaking through the toilet paper. Happy 40th, man!


My favorite scene from any Christmas movie is the one where a grown man tells a child to suck brick and throws one at the child.


I finally finished watching Rogue One last night and after watching the Mandalorian, I really want a series with Darth Vader as the quiet protagonist hunting down Jedi after Order 66.


Game developers 1 > My wallet 0.


Why you gotta take our #cursedmas away Walmart? https://www.cbc.ca/amp/1.5389969


My favorite thing about holidays in Canada. Our annual family photos with Satan. If our country can't be hot, at least our afterlife could be.


I would love to see Flight of the Conchords come back. Better yet, I would love to see the Labyrinth 2 with Jemaine Clemente as David Bowie as Jareth.


I have no right to complain about Disney editing out racially sensitive content from it's catalogue including Song of the South, Dumbo, and Lady and the Tramp so I won't. www.cbc.ca/amp/1.5354569


Canadian joke: One-two-three cat and Un-deux-trois cat have a race across a river. One-two-three cat won because Un-deux-trois-quatre-cinq.


I'm a little salty that Beamdog is charging $64.99 CAD for the physical ports of Baldur's Gate and Planescape/Icewind collections. They're essentially the mobile ports, which are selling for $12.99 per game on the PlayStore. 4 y/o port of 20 y/o games.


Hot take: I hate the way Americans pronounce the word mayonnaise as mahnays.


Saw this on Reddit and laughed about the silly person bringing home a coyote. Then I remembered my brother in law adopted a dingo in Australia and laughed even harder.


A Yakuza Vampire film directed by Takashi Miike. Can't wait to watch this.


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