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In case anyone was wondering, the PS4 with the busted HDMI port was successfully repaired :D


The guy who makes Zero Escape and the guy who makes Danganronpa have teamed up to make their own game studio.


Why yes, I will take a new Kingdom Hearts trailer as I wake up in the morning.


The hdmi port got torn out of my brother's PS4. Does this look fixable?


Apparently Pearl was going to be an Octoling early in development. This is an artists take on the concept, source in comments.


Here's my fourth podcast, where we talk about our favorite moments in video games, puddlegate, and how wonderful Dragon Quest 11 is. Also, we got our first copyright strike in this video, a proud achievement.


I'm about 8 hours into DQ11 and I adore this game so far. It's everything I wanted it to be and more.


The Starlink gameplay looks pretty fun from what I've seen so far. I would have probably picked it up even without Starfox.


UPS is telling me that I won't get Dragon Quest 11 until the 8th, and I'm very seriously contemplating getting it on Steam so that I can play it on release.


Today I learned that there is an official novel of Dad of War. I've never even considered that story driven games like this could get a novel version, but I love that this is a thing and I want it.


Oh hey, here's my third podcast. We talk about fun stuff from Gamescon, Dragon Quest 11, and our unpopular opinions.


I just got the email from Squeenix that they've shipped Dragon Quest 11.


I have improved as a human being. My Band of Bloggers blog will be out tomorrow, the day BEFORE the last day of the month.


I'm getting drunk off Dragon Quest 11 reviews. I can't handle this wait. Please be September 4th.


I made another little friend today.


Oh hey, here's the next episode of my podcast. In this episode we play FighterZ and get distracted by it the whole time.


Dante walks into a custom shop, "Hey, I need you to build me a motorcycle." "This is a weapons shop." "I know."


Okay, last time I post about this song, but I love this too much to not share.


Someone meshed the K. Rool trailer with the new music on the smash site (better than GameXplain did, with no intro or outro) and I can't stop.


My brothers and I are attempting a podcast. Give it a listen if you want to hear my voice I guess. We recorded it before the Ultimate direct and only just got it up, so we're clearly off to a great start.


Sakurai: "Please don't expect many new fighters." Also Sakurai: "Here's five new fighters."


According to my twitter feed there are some legitimate Smash leaks floating around. Be cautious around social media if that's something you care about.


I made a friend today. Also happy birthday to Gaj and Kerrik.


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