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When I ordered it, I was told SMT5 would be here at launch, then when they shipped it the night before launch I was told Monday. It is Monday and its still not here and I just want to fight demons with long blue wavy hair, is that too much to ask?


I don't know if this will mean much to many of you, but I blew up a bugbear today


I feel like I should apologize to anyone who has been disappointed in the Smash DLC overall, as Sakurai and Nintendo were obviously catering exclusively to me almost the whole time.


There's been a sudden surge of new gameboy games on kickstarter and I want to back all of them, but that probably wouldn't be a wise financial decision.


I am excited for Bayonetta 3, but low key I was disappointed that wasn't Astral Chain 2. Also hi, been lurking for ages, still love you.


If stuff like what is revealed in the Activision lawsuit really is as prevalent as Alanah says here (and I have no reason to not believe her) then I hope this is the start of a video game/tech me too movement so we can purge this kind of behavior.


I think the last movie I saw in theaters was the last Spider-Man movie, so its been a long time since I've been in a theater. It was nice to go back and Black Widow was a lot of fun.


Now that the Switch OLED news is out can we all look back to whoever was telling us that it would definitely be 4K or have an upgraded Nvidia chip or whatever and agree to never listen to another thing they say again?


Band of Bloggers July 2021 Theme

In April of 2008, a game was released on the DS called The World Ends With You. It was critically praised upon its release, but didn't do insane numbers like other games released by the same company, Square Enix. Most important to...


Okay, the next Band of Bloggers theme should be up within the next half hour, I hope you give it a peek and maybe think about writing a blog with it.


My little brother made an hour and a half video about an obscure anime/visual novel. Maybe watch it if you're into that kinda thing.


Everyone saying Smash has 4 fighting game characters now and poor Min Min is over here crying in the corner.


Is the Final Fantasy demo working for anyone? It's corrupted whenever I try to download it.


Neo: The World Ends With You is coming out relatively soon and is a long awaited sequel to a cult classic, but isn't that well known. It could probably use some advertising to get people interested. So naturally Squeenix gave it literally 2 seconds.


I don't think a main character in a Final Fantasy game has ever looked as boring as this guy.


Some of the implications of Loki got me thinking. I'll put some spoilery thoughts in the comments of this post.


So... so you all saw that dragon catch the lightning right out of the sky right? I'm not just hallucinating awesome dragon stuff again am I?


They're remaking Dragon Quest 3 in the Octopath engine and I'm losing my mind. Now do that for FF6!


Kickstarter sends me emails every once in a while saying "You'll love this project" and I have never been even remotely interested in what they send my way. Their algorithm sucks.


Got to the A ending in Replicant and I feel like I'm going to be thinking about all the info they dumped on me at the end there for a while. Also the credits were in alphabetical order and for some reason I found that super funny.


There's a new trailer for the PS5 version of FF7Remake. Don't watch it if you haven't already beaten the game, it opens with all the spoilers.


I finally got a copy of Pokemon Snap and managed to take this picture. I'm pretty sure I'll never top this.


It's a little late, but the new Band of Bloggers theme for May is up now. I hope you are enthusiastic about photo modes. Or Pokemon Snap. Either way really.


Band of Bloggers May 2021 Theme

Oh shoot, it's already May third. This theme is going up a little late, sorry about that. I hope May finds you all well. April is over (though I completely missed that happening) and a lot of intersting games recently came out, and are...


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