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How would ya'll fine deviants go about pronouncing this?


That's Part Time UFO 100%. Can't remember the last time I did that. What a wonderful game.


Drinking Tuaca and watching Supervixens. If I'm passed out before the new year officially arrives, have a good one, folks!


Just watched Freaked, and it's the most 90's thing I've seen since--well the 90's. But it's a really great time.


Part Time UFO is the first new game I've felt giddy about in years. It's like something I would have spent an afternoon straight playing on the GBA in another life. A true joy.


"You got the Pillsbury Doughboy for Christmas? Did he have the kung fu grip?" Watching home shopping shows on Christmas Day is a sort of mind numbing joy.


You can rent Mandy off Google Play for 99 cents right now. So, yeah.

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Here's some VOD junkfood for your Halloween movie marathon

With Halloween landing on a Wednesday this week, you might have found yourself in a dilemma: You spent the entire Halloweekend gorging yourself on spooks and scares, and now with the actual day fast approaching you have nothing left to watc...


And that's it! I survived without passing out. Now to go home and sleep until midnight.


XTRO is the best. 10/10. Editor's choice. See it. See it now. Never stop watching it. - - Now for the final movie of the Twelve Hours of Terror, Slumber Party Massacre! It's not bad, so that's fine, but go find a way to see XTRO as soon as possible.


Born of Fire was definitely weird and had its moments, but as a whole I wasn't feeling it. Getting hard to stay awake - - Next up is XTRO, which I've never had a chance to see before!


Angst is still the second best serial killer movie--Next up is Born of Fire. Never heard of it!


Tales from the Hood is still pulp horror at its finest - - Next up is the fucking awesome Angst!!!!!!


Short film was whatever. Next is Tales from the Hood!!!!!!!


Zombie 3: I never saw more fist fights in a zombie movie - - some short film is next.


Dream Warriors is still the best Elm Street film. Next up - - Zombie 3, which I haven't seen!


First movie up is the fucking Dream Warriors!



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Nicole Kidman goes bad lieutenant in Destroyer trailer

Nicole Kidman isn't one to shy from darker films like last year's crippling The Killing of a Sacred Deer, but Destroyer may see her at her most transformed. She's as scorched as the desert surroundings, more than a few screw...

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