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When you realize you're not the target demographic: TV commercials advertising catheters


Buys new Wii game. Can't find nunchuk. Buys nunchuk. Tries to play Wii game. Batteries in Wii remote have exploded. Cleans Wii remote. Pilfers 360 controller batteries. Don't work. Pilfers keyboard batteries. Work. 10 mins later batteries die. FML


So I took a stack of shitty, old review copies to the store Saturday and turned them into these:


I've had a Dreamcast for all of a week and a half but picked up a couple new additions to my collection today in honor of the 17th anniversary.


PAX friends: Come by the Death Squared booth (6215), where I will be giving out free high fives this weekend.


That moment when an Australian emails you "have a good Friday" on Thursday. FFFFUUUUUUUU


any recommendations for dreamcast games that i could pick up now without breaking the bank?


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