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E3 Approaches: Nintendo gives you what you want

It is now well known that Nintendo will be showing off their next console this year at E3. There has been a lot of rumors and speculations swirling around the new device and no one really knows exactly what the device will be. Well I'm he...


PAX East contest: Blacktoid

This is a combination of playing to many video games until 6 in the morning, Monster Energy drink, and being on a diet. I have no idea what that has to do with anything but watch the video and let me know what you think. I can't tell if...


Kryptinite's Gaming Setup 2.0: The 2nd Coming

before - my first dinky HDTV Hello one and all to Kryptinite's new and improved Game Room 2.0! As you can easily tell through the magic of photography I have made a few upgrades in life in the past year. I recently got married which meant...


PAX: It happened and I miss you already

Before I go into the splooging that will be going on in this blog, I want to give a shout out for all of you who didn't make it. As you venture through the C-Blogs and notice all of the PAX love, past and future, I want you to remember on...


It's almost PAX TIME!!!

Around this time last year I was getting ready for PAX. I was excited about going to Seattle and playing games before the game out to the general public. This year, however, is totally different. My excitement no longer stems from the cha...


Top 5 Reasons to go to PAX

5. Because the show it's the after party. Then after the party it's the hotel lobby. Then we light someone on fire. All of this has been known to occur. 4. You'll be jealous of all the fun that will be had. You don't want to be that per...


Tales of a QA Tester: Part 1 - The Awakening

I know it's been awhile but I've been damn busy. Hopefully I'll be able to finish this 3 part series? 2 part series? And no, I didn't proofread it! I'm going to bed. It's January 2009 and the company is in chaos. With the recent changes in...


Street Fighter IV FightPad w/video

Being that I've always played a Street Fighter title with a D-pad, I decided to go out and buy the new Street Fighter IV Fightpad yesterday and I'm in love with it. I already knew that it would be amazing because I got the chance to play ...


Since it's Tyra Tuesday....

I wanted to express my undying love for her. I had a chubby for her ever since I first laid eyes on her when she was on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. So here's to Tyra Banks! Making Kryp stand to attention since 1993


I hugged Ari

Because he told me to hug it out bitch! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZvarRe-XVQ Since embedding is being a little bitch right now. Did get banned too???


People of PAX 08: I miss you

[video]114419:857[/video] sorry for the crappy quality, i had to compress the hell out of it so I could upload it I know it's early to be talking about PAX 2009 but there's already a thread for it and I can't help myself. Who knew that a m...


I need a Halloween Costume: Buy me this!

I'm usually not one for spending money on a halloween outfit but this is something too good for me to pass up. + = I can get the whole suit plus that awesome sword for only $680! If I were to invest into it, please believe me...


Just the tip: Sweet Deal for Nostalgia Purposes

I usually don't post about stuff you can spend your money on, but this was too good to not share with the class. Over at Woot.com, they are selling a Midway 12 Game Tabletop Classic Arcade System for the low price of $199! If you're lazy ...


A quick "Thank You" post for Yojimbo

Thanks Yojimbo!!! It's been said before and I'm saying it again: Destructoid has the best community of any gaming site ever. A while back I posted a comment in one of Yojimbo's blog asking him to send me a piece of his swag he won: a Supe...


PAX 2008: Faces to go with the names

[video]102590:313[/video] Things we already know: 1. PAX was awesome 2. Niero needs to buy an island and let all of us live on it. 3. Kryptinite is one sexy mofo. 4. Destructoid has the best gaming community ever! But do you know what ...


My Pax Swag: Have at it

Press play or click on the image to get me started. Prepare to have your mind blown! I know what you're thinking, "Oh gawd another post about PAX and swag I can't have." But this blog is a different showing for swag. I wanted a unique way...


Kryptinite's Journey to PAX 2008: Part 1

[video]101578:251[/video] Since I love to give back to the awesome community we have here, I decided to try and "vlog" all the excitement I will run into this weekend. I put this video together really quick so forgive the rough feel it mi...


Byte Size Review - Geo Wars 2

First and foremost, this game is very addicting. At first I had no intentions on buying Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2 but after playing the demo for 5 minutes I was instantly hooked. In the video, I did not speak on the multiplayer aspect...


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