On NE: 10 games that belong on the inevitable N64 Classic Edition
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I'm very confused, and aroused, and confused by that arousal.


I just learned there is a sequel to Jingle All The Way. If I have to fill my brain with this knowledge, so do you.


She was possibly the greatest female singer in modern history.


I just got a paycheck for $0.00 from Target. My first paycheck in forever. Last time I clocked in was ~2009ish. They've been sending me employee benefits stuff for years. I laughed out loud. It's a full on "here's the hours you worked for taxes" paystub.


2:10 Girl looks like when friends put you on the spot to dance but you really just wanna be at the party snack table 2:19 when you see yourself on the TV screens at Best Buy 2:48 he's wearing the beaded curtain to where they keep the porn at stores.


Aretha Franklin was just taken to the hospital & is gravely ill from cancer. Here is a video of her 2 years ago at the Kennedy center with Obama cheering her on & Carole King losing her shit watching the song she wrote performed by the Queen of Soul.


Mike Chapman is doing a stream of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People while doing all of the voices live. <url=https://live.kickstarter.com/homestar-runner/live/sbcg4ap-playthrough-with-live-voice-performance>


There is a guy whose been working on a fanmade DJ Hero 3 for a while and some of his mixes are actually pretty good. He also has some video game mixes including a 2 1/2 hour long mashup album of songs mixed with nintendo tracks called "Nintendolution"


Putin is a literal super villain. He took his ideas from a comic book made 50 years by Stan Lee & Don Heck. Go read The Avengers 32~33. The parallels to today is pretty on the nose. Also lol @ ppl bitching about how "modern Marvel is too political"


Recently started playing DMC4:SE again. I'd written off Lady's pistols as 'eh' after playing 2 full difficulties. Then today messing around I found you can cancel all her melee attacks (except spin) with charge pistol shot. Best action game combat system.


A little disappointing that MMX Legacy didn't have Maverick Hunter X for no other reason than Vile was so much fun to play as even if the classic version of the game was better in lmoast every other way.


5:30am no sleep brilliant idea; Homey D Clown show on adultswim styled after classic saturday morning cartoons like Fat Albert/Scooby Doo/Jonny Quest with a dash of Magic School bus. Done by some of the folks who did Black Dynamite / Boondocks.


I'd definitely buy a San Andreas remake using the GTA5 engine (with some added content if possible, but even without).


I've been going through an In Living Color youtube hole recently & I'd forgotten just how glorious it was. Jamie Foxx's Ugly Wanda character was too much as wal Jim Carrey's "Background guy." If you're too young to have ever seen the show, it's glorious.


Was trying to figure out why I had 112 tracks for my DJ Hero 1 OST when wikipedia only lists 108. Went through song by song. Finally realized: the 97 song "Complete" collection I d/led actually had 4 half labeled tracks that didn't make main game.


Bah. I spent so much time but after searching though files for the 5th time I realized I still managed to miss a couple on DJ Hero 2 which has 112 tracks. I will repost the file once I'm done. Failsauce


Took a lot of time to gather these all & cut out the crowd sounds from some of the ones I had to rip from youtube videos but I got the entire DJ Hero 1 & DJ Hero 2 soundtracks including the DLC songs. I have google drive rar files link inside if u want em


Steve Ditko just died. Post some of your favorite spider-man stuff, including memes.


Chaka Khan released a single & supposedly she's working on a new abum. It'll her first in over a decade and I'm digging it. Classic funk meets modern pop. It's definitely real funk, but I can totally see it being used in a commercial to sell Coke.


A Vice writer watched the Simpsons for the first time and decided she hated it despite being given a selection of 11 episodes from the golden age. Vice's magazine/blog is literally the worst. Literally. The Worst.


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