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Someone needs to setup a Marvel vs Capcom tournament & run all of the capcom marvel fighting games. ALL of them.


"For many years we've been trying, in our own bumbling way, to illustrate that love is a far greater force, a far greater power than hate." - Stan Lee


Honestly can't believe I'm actually tearing up a little bit. I mean, we all knew it was gonna happen eventually, the man was 95, but we also all hoped he'd just live on forever. EXCELSIOR!


Made another SFV Cody combo vid. Probably my last 1 barring BIG changes(Bring back some old moves + turn around punch) in S4. I find new Cody too straightforward & boring. Hope SF6 Cody ditches all new SFV moves & just has FF moves + SFA3/SF4 moves.


Just a reminder for folks out there who use social media. If sum1 posts a lot of memes or inflammatory stuff, check their acct's replies. Even if you might agree, use critical thinking. Try & spread this message of receipt checking to ppl u know.


Realized I forgot to mention this one. This was also released today in 1993, 25 years ago. Midnight & Low End Theory often are argued back & forth as to which is ATCQ's best album.


Today is the 25th anniversary of one of the most important albums of all time.


New Laika movie! Hyyyyypppppeeeeeeed. Their studio is getting so good at stop motion that I second guess myself often going "okay, I know they blend some cgi in there at times, is this one of those times?"


Oh boy... I can't *yawn* wait. I'm starting to dread the fact R&M got picked up for like 7 more years.


Digging this. Very early-mid 2000s indie rock vibe. The Killers/Star Sailor/MGMT type stuff.


Ralph Bakshi (or his son that runs his account) liked Cuphead's studio's call for illustrators. This makes me incredibly giddy despite the fact it doesn't affect me at all.


Finally saw Harvey Birdman Attorney General & it was amazing. I kind of wish that it was longer since it felt like it ended a bit abruptly for a show that had such a huge premise & a 10+ year wait for a reunion. I was amazed they got Peanut back


Recently discovered this album. Apparently it's from an alternate dimension where The Beatles never broke up.


You should be watching Hilda. Imagine if Over The Garden Wall, Gravity Falls, and Adventure Time had a baby. It's fantastic and the very definition of "whimsical"


This is my most recent "can't stop listening to it" track.


Found this at a nearby mall. Bests Versus game that doesn't have SNK in the title.


Someone needs to get Louie Barletta to pose with the Destructoid Head. That man is the perfect representation of how I view dtoid.


The animal crossing teaser trailer makes me want an animal crossing X aggretsuko crossover so bad.


Pulled out my DVDs and rewatched Harvey Birdman for first time in like a decade. It holds up, it really really holds up. Out of the 39 episodes only maybe 5 are "just okay." Can't wait for the special. It's like if Arrested Development & NewsRadio had sex


66 years old and Bootsy still can put out a funk track that's sounds slaps buttcheeks on the dance floor. Song manages to sound new but still have old school sensibilities.


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