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I took the first steps to building a gaming PC! This is a parts PC I bought for a little less than $100. Not sure if I’m going to keep the rest, but I mainly scooped it for the RTX 2060 6GB. Ain’t the fanciest, but it’s a start!


Finally getting around to watching Blade Runner 2049. I bought it like a month ago on blu ray and hadn’t watched it yet because I was worried it would be lame. 30 minutes in, and it is extremely safe to say that is not the case.


Slimybear is a classic tsundere, for sure, and they may not be the best at typing, but they’re also just a really nice person overall, and I’m incredibly glad they joined the community. #CommunityShoutOut


First time ever doing anything like this, but I cracked open the casing on my laptop and installed a new internal SSD. It was nerve wracking as hell, but definitely worth it for the expanded storage and faster read/write times.


Secret Santa strikes again! I just got this massive 47” x 33” multi-panel poster of my original avatar from back when I first joined the site! It’s beautiful! Thank you so much!


In case you missed it, this official compilation of Super Mario-Kun just released last week! It’s basically a “best of” deal from the last 20+ years that’s translated to english for the first time. It’s pretty damn funny too! (Pics in comments)


My Secret Santa got me this extremely cursed Nic Cage pillow cover (it has scales!) and a copy of Mandy on blu ray! Thank you so much, Santa! (Bonus pic in comments)


I’ve got Funimation digital codes for the complete series of both Shimoneta and Samurai Champloo if anyone wants one. I’ve read the Funimation app is kinda terrible, but both of these shows are classics. Drop a comment if you’re interested!


AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! SEVEN TO ETERNITY IS BACK!!!! After waiting for what felt like forever, I just found out issue 14 dropped earlier this month! Easily one of my favorite comic series so far, and I can't wait to see how it ends in February!


I found this LP for super cheap on Discogs, and I’m pretty dang stoked. If you like goofy/raw af psychedelic soul, I think it’d be worth your time to give it a listen. This is the album’s big slow jam, but their other songs get the fuck down too.


I finally got Hades, and it’s super rad so far! Y’all got any tips for a beginner?


I just beat Carrion, and I am insanely hyped for a potential sequel. Even just a goofy epilogue where you can run wild would be dope, but a full-fledged sequel, with the new abilities from the end of the first game, would be a stupid fun time.


My friend showed me this video, and it’s quality content. It’s a song about these real-life ducks that march to a fountain every day at a hotel in Memphis.


(Warning: NSFW) Kyle posted about it and tried to put this movie on our radar several months back, but it’s currently available for free with Amazon Prime. Watch it. It delivered on every promise from the trailer for me. It’s pretty dang great.


I just started playing Mario Galaxy for the first time, and I was not prepared for how rad it is.


If you’re looking for a physical copy of Mario 3D All Stars, use Brickseek.com to check your local Target/Walmart. Every store is sold out here except for Target, but they’ve got plenty for some reason.


If you like trashy garage rock, this is going on September 25 @ 9pm EST (assuming my conversion is right). I’m definitely going to try to catch Big Boys, New Bomb Turks, 5678s, Teengenerate, and Oblivians!


PSA: You can still load up on Xbox Live (up to 36 months) and convert it all to Game Pass Ultimate for $1 if you’ve never signed up for the service. I just got 14 months for $61!


I played the first few levels of A Hat In Time, and it’s crazy good. It’s super cute, fun to play, and it made me laugh a bunch. I can already tell I’m going to love the heck out of it.


Tony Hawk is out now on PSN! They released it three hours early for some reason.


Moon, from Onion Games, is coming out tomorrow on Switch!


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