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Just wanted to remind everyone that this gif exists and Angie22 is a total badass.


I don’t get down with most of his newer stuff, but Acid Rap is a legit “classic.” This shit gets me going.


I got this amazing “SHIT BALLS!” sticker with my copy of Fist of the North Star.


No joke, Yoku’s Island Express is one of the best games I’ve played all year. Can’t believe I waited so long to pick it up. It’s still only $9.99 on the eShop right now (50% off), and I highly recommend it. Especially at that price.


I posted this in Discord already, but the Microsoft Store is giving away a bunch of anime for the next few hours. Some good stuff in there too. Link in comments.


Review: The Haunted Island, a Frog Detective Game

The Haunted Island, a Frog Detective Game is wholesome in a way that you don't often see in this industry anymore. The entire presentation has an uncanny children's book vibe to it, and everything feels slightly “off” in all the...


TIL that Sesame Street did a parody of Twin Peaks back in the day called Twin Beaks


I don’t own an Xbox 360 anymore, but now I need to buy one...


Review: Save me Mr Tako: Tasukete Tako-San

Save me Mr Tako is modeled after the catalog of a big, old, battery-sucking brick called the Game Boy. Everything about it is an homage to that long-gone era in gaming right down to the default green colored background. As someone...


Astebreed is a significant downgrade on the Switch

Astebreed is a fantastic bullet hell game that originally launched on PC and eventually made its way onto PlayStation 4 too. Last week, it was quietly released on the Switch eShop without much marketing or fanfare. After spending some time ...


Sluggish Morss looks like a surreal claymation mind melter

Sluggish Morss: Pattern Circus is the kind of thing that I never would have even thought to want before setting eyes on its trailer, but now I can't stop thinking about it. According to creator Jack King-Spooner, "every scene and character ...




Review: The Hex

The Hex is Daniel Mullins’ follow-up to the critically acclaimed Pony Island, a twisted meta tale about ponies, arcade games, and the soul. His first game played on expectations in a way that was genuinely surprising and creative. It ...


Just came home to a lovely surprise from Meanderbot! These stickers are fresh as fuck!!!


I finally got around to finishing Luke Cage Season 2, and it’s kind of infuriating that we may never get closure. While it does wrap a lot of loose ends up, it left me with so many fucking questions....


Just went out to a bar for trivia night with some friends, and I managed to clinch some clutch questions about Eve 6, The Simpsons, Space Ghost, and the show Reboot. We fucking won, and it paid our whole bar tab!


Fendi recently reminded me just how much I love this song over on the site’s Discord. It’s a keeper, for sure.


If Venture Bros Season 7 has done nothing else (It has. It’s amazing!), it taught me that Sean Connery is actually holding a bb gun in this photo. Everything I know is a lie.


Venture Bros. Season 7 is fucking wonderful. So freaking gosh darn diddily glad it’s finally back!


Review: 428: Shibuya Scramble

428: Shibuya Scramble is a live action visual novel that originally saw a Japanese release back in 2008. A decade in video game years is practically an eternity, and even the most holy of classics can lose some of their magic with age. Luck...


Write spooky blogs so I can promote them. Tis the season.


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