DeS: Sephora makes esports debut with GIRLGAMER
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If your name is 4KMarioMagic, you need to check your Disqus notifications before you continue to post. (Actually, you should just email with any questions about why your account is no longer active....)


Devolver Digital wants to help make a Sifl & Olly game

I remember watching Sifl & Olly as a kid and not understanding what the hell was going on. It made me laugh and that was enough. Now that I’m older and my brain has started rotting, it feels more poignant than ever. I’ve bee...


Mario is so sad every time he loses a match in Aces story mode. It breaks my heart to hear that dreaded, "oh no...."


As of 1pm this afternoon, it's been exactly 2 weeks since I last had a cigarette. I think it's finally safe to say I quit without jinxing it haha... Feels kinda good, y'all!


Yesterday, I ate a bunch of fried chicken and drank fancy beer at a brewery all day. Then I slept for 18hrs straight. It was amazing. #MyBattlefield


Hollow Knight was worth the wait on Nintendo Switch

Team Cherry has been stringing fans along with news of a Switch port for months now, but finally blew their load at this year’s E3 with a surprise release. Ever since I read Destructoid’s review of the game, where it was awarded...


Ghosts of Tsushima was easily the highlight of the PlayStation conference. It looked so fucking pretty my eyes could bleed.


Review: Vampyr

Vampires don’t get nearly enough love in the realm of video games. Oftentimes, they’re simply relegated to throwaway DLC, or the execution fails to properly nail that classic Bram Stoker feel. Then along comes Vampyr, a new acti...


Superjail was underrated as fuck, and the theme song is great.


Are y'all fucking ready for Mario Aces tomorrow?!?


"All that old rap ah rap stuff, I liked that." - Magic Sam


Review: Omensight

Omensight is a game about furry, humanoid, animal things that are all trying to murder each other for various political reasons. The whole spectacle of it is absolutely adorable right up until the moment that it chooses not to be. The story...


"Wild Wild West" is the peak of Will Smith's musical career, and anyone who tells you differently is objectively wrong.


TriCerAroK just reminded me of the good old days when I was still sporting an avatar. Dangus and ZombZ straight up Frankensteined it together for me over the years haha... I've made a lot of great memories here, and it's kinda fucking beautiful.


The Detroit demo was actually pretty damn cool.


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