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Just wanted to share this ridiculous 900k loot steal by my crew in Sea of Thieves. Galleon crew spent all day accumulating this loot and ended up losing it to us in a crazy 2 hour chase.




Here you go.


More PS5 save transfer nonsense.


If anyone was afraid that you'd have to buy those $220 expansion drives on Series X/S fear not. This is the transfer time (minutes) from moving Assassin's Creed Origins (49GB) from different drives.


New feature for folks that hate waiting for games to load. Edit: Feature is available NOW apparantly. Just went to Xbox app and every game I tried (5) were available to download. Be aware I'm in the preview program.


Seeing stuff like this has made my whole day.


With Series S at $300 and PS4(D) at $400 will the majority of console owners be digital?


PSA: If you're planning on getting a Series S to play backwards compatible games then be aware that the S WILL NOT apply any One X enhancements to the game. Meaning you're going to get the One S version of the game.


I'm back into paper MTG since about Tempest.


Veterans on D-toid AAFES has the Animal Crossing Switch up. Link in comments.


Took close to a month to arrive but was worth it. I personally hadn't seen a FF6 soundtrack with a slip cover until finding this.


Sega not playing around and wants folks to buy this game.


PSA: Nier Automata is $19.99 for Gold members on the XBL store.


People going nuts here in the MO.


Let's go!!!


MTG fans what are your thoughts on Wizards announcing Pioneer?


Imagine turning down $220M and $190M... Not about the money for Kawhi Leonard. #sportsball


Congrats Canadian d-toiders.


RIP backward compatibility updates on Xbox One. At least we got all the Splinter Cell games and Asura's Wrath as a send off.


DICE LA... That's all I needed to see to get my hopes up again.


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