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the latest episode of My Hero Academia was hype as fuck, if you aren't already watching the show, you should start.


i just got to Maridian in Horizon Zero Dawn, and oh my god, that city is probably one of the most impressive cities i have ever seen in a video game.


starting today, the internet is officially a dead man walking in the US.


i just bought Horizon Zero Dawn, and my god is that a good looking game, and the gameplay itself isn't compromised either. good stuff.


i just found out that Anthony Bourdain has died, he was a big inspiration for me, i am sad to see him go. i know all to well the feelings of depression and how it can drive someone to kill themselves, far far to well. my prayers go out to his family.


i got Onrush, and so far i am enjoying the game.


man, Megalobox is a great show, and the OP is fantastic.


oh thank god, i thought i was banned for something, and i wasn't sure what for, since i haven't commented on anything all day. been grinding in FFXIV and sleeping.


i just beat Neir Automata, it was a great gamae, truly.


i finally got my mining job to level 70 in FFXIV, it took me over a month of playing the game to do so, but i did it. now i gotta get done with Botany. soon i will be able to level all of the crafting classes and gather most of the needed mats myself.


i just got back from Infinity War, man that was some movie. my only real complaint is that the 3D in a couple of the scenes was wonky. in one scene it simply wasn't there, and in another the background was completely flat making it look like a stage prop.


in honor of the Qipao prom dress cultural appropriation "controversy" here is 2B in a Qipao. #2Btuesday


i have a question for you guys, how many of you would be interested in doing a D&D campaign with me? it would be almost exclusively D-toid members, because if you have a friend that may be interested, i wouldn't say no to them joining in on the fun.


i finished up Yakuza 6 this morning, now back to Neir Automata route C. man, the difficulty spike with rout C is intense.


one of the things i absolutely adore about Yakuza 6 so far has been that a good few of the sub stories have been about the importance fathers and fatherhood. great stuff, it's nice seeing father's getting their time in the limelight.


man, Yakuza 6 is a wild ride, just like any other Yakuza game. just when i think i have everything figured out, it gives me another curve ball.


i don't normally post anything political, ideally preferring to keep Dtoid a place to talk about games and other hobbies. but the case of Count Dankula is too a dangerous precedent to set regardless of where you fall on the political sphere.


in honor of earthday, we should flood Q-toid with earth chan memes. also, happy birthday Occams.


to those of you who are playing Yakuza 6 over Dad of War this weekend, here is a tip, just the tip. there is a safe on the roof of the New Serena that will give you useful items when you input this code. KP56VFA9MX2B7LH


i am currently watching The Expanse, and god damn, i love this actress, Shohreh Aghdashloo. i have seen her in other films and TV shows like Netflix's Punisher. when she actually has something to work with, she is so compelling on screen.


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