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my Secret Santa gift came in the mail! it's awesome! i can't wait to experience the story of Steins;Gate0. and thank you very much Anthony, i really do appreciate this wonderful gift. El. Psy. Congroo.


Sony should fucking shown this trailer during their presentation instead of talking for 3 fucking hours!


i really hope we get to see more about Bayonetta 3 soon, like the January Nintendo Direct, but more than likely we will hear more this E3.


just how popular IS Destructoid? because i have seen Mr Destructoid in a large number of places from video games to a few other things, even emotes on Twitch...


since it is going to be a while before i get my PS4, i asked my father to update the console and download and update my digitally purchased PS4 games. to tease me about my wait for the console, he sent me this image.


i saw Happy Death Day last night, and it was a surprisingly emotional slasher movie with a good mystery, and a great pay off. when the mystery is revealed, it makes absolute sense, and the clues were there. it is a great if tame slasher horror movie.


yo Fakeplastictree, i think you would love this video, and anyone else who loves the Yakuza games.


today i start my new job at the Circle K, i can't wait to get started! Edit: SHIT! i missed it! my training started 7:30, now i have to wait for them to reschedule me...


this is a new channel with only a couple of videos, but i think he will rise up pretty quickly.


looks like Bungie doubled the needed experience to level up/ obtain a bright engram without any notice in the wake of getting caught manipulating experience earned.


i have to say, Hell on Wheels is excellent. i just started watching the series a couple of days ago, but i am hooked. so far i enjoy it far more than AMC's other series *cough* The Walking Dead *cough*.


my father just bought me a PS4 Slim during black Friday for me, now i just need to wait a couple of weeks for him to ship it to me, but i should have it soon! i can't wait to be able to play FFXIV again once i start working.


Romancing SaGa for Vita, has been officially announced for western localization.


i have the job at the Circle K, we just need to wait for my background check.


next month i might be able to log into FFXIV Stormblood, i am curious, would there be enough people in Destructoid who play the game to warrant a dedicated Destructoid FC?


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