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i started playing Alen Wake for the first time yesterday, and man the game gets intense. i'm doing is something that i don't normally do, i am pacing myself in the game and just enjoying the tense atmosphere it provides by only play a little bit at a time


i just booted up Alen Wake for the first time since getting the game from a D-toid member who wanted me to play the game before it got pulled from Steam's store page. i saw a post on it here, and figured it would be a great game for the season.


well... the Boy Scouts are officially dead, they are starting to allow girls to join. i bet there is no petition to get boys in the girl scouts.


the second half of season five of Once Upon a Time is so good. the characters go to the Underworld and meet various dead characters, and the writers use this as an opportunity to tie up loose ends with those dead characters, great stuff.


i don't many Log Horizon fans know this, but the characters weren't playing a VRMMO or any such thing when they got sucked into the MMO. they were playing what was basically Runescape.


The Good Place is far better than i thought that it would be. the plot twist at the end of the first season really recontextualizes so much that happened previously, which is what a good plot twist is supposed to do.


OH MY GOD!the show Dark Matter is using a PSVR head set as a prop for a scene where a guy has jacked into a full virtual simulation like in The Matrix. though they have covered up the PS symbols, it's pretty easily recognized.


i just got done watching the first three episodes of The Orville, it was great. episode 3 was absolutely amazing.


i just started going through Dragon Age Origins today, mostly because i don't have very many games that i have access to that i haven't completed or close to completion, and my 7 year old computer can play it at max settings. still looks bad though.


i have a saying: the journey may be more important than the destination, but it's the destination that gives the journey meaning.


i just got accepted into the Ubisoft survey about the Nintendo Switch. i figured i would qualify to take it considering that 1. i own a Switch, and 2. i have played many games. also the fact that only 39 people actually entered the survey didn't hurt.


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