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Finally got around to making a front page account.


Simple question. If you could be any video game character, who would it be? I`ve had a few drinks and I`m going to say Letho of Gulet from The Witcher 2. I love how grounded, down to earth he is. The exact opposite of an anime character.....


Relevant to our hobby.


If anyone is feeling down or mildly depressed then I might have a solution for you. Step 1: Buy a Bloodbourne shirt. Step 2: Wear it in public. Problem solved. All day long it`s been "COOL SHIRT BRO!" or "hey, I like your shirt!" It`s been weird.


Just realized Asuras Wrath isn`t on Steam or GoG. Or any PC store. Now I`m sad. I was in the mood to play it and I no longer have an Xbox 360.


I read Chris Carters review of Alien:Fire Team.Based on everything I`ve seen of the game,I`m inclined to agree with it.A 5 out of 10 sounds about right.I still want to play it though.I`ll wait for a sale or maybe it`ll come to Gamepass. Or go free2Play.


Post your random advice for Nioh 2 here. My advice? For max health use the hammer. It scales off Constitution, Stamina, and Courage. Works great with heavy armor and tank builds. Grace of Oyamatsumi makes it even better.


If their is one thing I expect from Windows 11 it`s the ability to rename the User folder. I just typed some random letters when I created mine because I assumed I could change it later. DASFJD98EWHJGASO;


I`m thinking about going back and playing through an Armored Core game. Any thoughts on which ones were good and which ones were crap? They made a ton of them.


Finally got around to trying Little Ceasars pizza for the first time. It was pretty good. I thought it was better than Pizza Hut and Dominos. Not sure if it was better than Papa Johns though. Looks like cheat day is turning into cheat week.


Am drunk. Am bueno. Wait, where`s the spoiler tag button? I don`t see it. I guess I`ll put it in the comments. I got a secret I don`t want anyone to know.


ChronoLynx! Happy Birthday! Here`s some words of wisdom to reflect on, courtesy of the philosopher and poet, Tito Ortiz.


What Shounen anime protagonist are you? Type-34: The Man of Culture.


#indirectoid shout-out. I don`t think this will let me post the second gif. You can`t solve this riddle without it. I`ll put it in the comments. Can anyone connect the dots?


Watched A Quiet Place 2 last night. It was just ok. 3 out of 5 for me. Not bad. Just a little disappointing. Kind of felt like someone made a movie out of a side quest from the Fallout games. The first 15 minutes were great though. Loved that part.


This has been the most shitty day I`ve had in well over 10 years. Got into an argument with my younger brother (he`s 30) and things got crazy. It seems I stated some controversial opinions and he lost his mind over it. I`ll share them in the comments.


Why isn`t anyone talking about how good the Mass Effect remaster looks? It looks nothing like the crappy trailers they showed. In those trailers the original version actually looked better. Truth is this is one of the best remasters I have seen.


Did Sony change their website on PC? I always used it to send messages over PSN but now I can`t. I also can`t check my friends list to see who is online or any of that good stuff. Anyone else have this problem or am I doing something wrong?


Elden Ring has a release date. Whether or not I buy it depends entirely on being able to turn off invasions and forced pvp. That`s what made the PC versions of DS co-op unplayable for me and many others. Fromsoft banning the victims of cheaters.


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