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Am drunk. Am bueno. Wait, where`s the spoiler tag button? I don`t see it. I guess I`ll put it in the comments. I got a secret I don`t want anyone to know.


ChronoLynx! Happy Birthday! Here`s some words of wisdom to reflect on, courtesy of the philosopher and poet, Tito Ortiz.


What Shounen anime protagonist are you? Type-34: The Man of Culture.


#indirectoid shout-out. I don`t think this will let me post the second gif. You can`t solve this riddle without it. I`ll put it in the comments. Can anyone connect the dots?


Watched A Quiet Place 2 last night. It was just ok. 3 out of 5 for me. Not bad. Just a little disappointing. Kind of felt like someone made a movie out of a side quest from the Fallout games. The first 15 minutes were great though. Loved that part.


This has been the most shitty day I`ve had in well over 10 years. Got into an argument with my younger brother (he`s 30) and things got crazy. It seems I stated some controversial opinions and he lost his mind over it. I`ll share them in the comments.


Connor McGregors ankle.


Why isn`t anyone talking about how good the Mass Effect remaster looks? It looks nothing like the crappy trailers they showed. In those trailers the original version actually looked better. Truth is this is one of the best remasters I have seen.


Did Sony change their website on PC? I always used it to send messages over PSN but now I can`t. I also can`t check my friends list to see who is online or any of that good stuff. Anyone else have this problem or am I doing something wrong?


Elden Ring has a release date. Whether or not I buy it depends entirely on being able to turn off invasions and forced pvp. That`s what made the PC versions of DS co-op unplayable for me and many others. Fromsoft banning the victims of cheaters.


I`m addicted to a new youtube channel. It`s like a drug. I need more.


Oh, so we can post fight scenes from animated stuff? This changes everything.


Here you go. One of the best fight scenes ever made. Skip to about 1:15.


New Highlander movie coming out. It`s got Henry Cavil and the director of John Wick. This will be the first movie I`ve watched in a theater in.....I don`t know...5 years? Also, Disqus is borked. It keeps eating my comments. But yeah, new Highlander!!!!


I`m finishing up my 5th playthrough of Resident Evil 8. I think this is going to hurt Cyberpunks chances of winning Game of the Year. Spoilers and random thoughts in the comments. SPOILERS IN THE COMMENTS.


Of all the achievements mankind has accomplished, none compare to what I have achieved today.


I found another great youtube channel. I don`t watch baseball but I can`t get enough of this.


Can anyone recommend me a good printer? Every business keeps pressuring me into going paperless so I think I`ll put that Covid check to good use. I just need it for printing out electric bills, phone bills, bank statements, etc. Stuff like that.


Anyone on Dtoid played Nioh 2 and made it past floor 20 of the Depths? I managed to make it to 21. Feels like I`ve run into a brick wall. I hate to do it but it looks like I`ll have to use one of the Izanagi meta builds. Barf.


I found a new youtube channel I like.


Here’s a picture of a 36 year old man.


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