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Haven’t had a lot of witty things to say lately. But I’m still browsing regularly.


2021 is certainly off to a weird start. Still very reminiscent of 2020, only...slightly less shitty?


This is very much TMI, but hey it’s Dtoid. I go through hormonal spurts, and it’s really odd. Being pansexual, I can really go long periods of time without wanting any sexual stimulation. Here lately though, Yue has become walking target practice.


I’m very much over today.


I really don’t understand why people in the work place feel the need to start drama. I don’t get it. Nobody benefits from that shit.


I finally finished up The Medium this evening...and I have thoughts. Over 5 minutes of thoughts lol. Feel free to check out my audio rap up in the comments.


So...I put up some audio impressions for Cyber Shadow on Twitter today. Well...I beat it...and shared some final thoughts. Link in the comments.


I tried. I tried to like Balan Wonderworld. I want to like it. But, it’s, fucking, SHIT! It’s garbage! Wtf did I just waste half an hour even doing!?




Waiting for my UPS package at 4:30pm.


Okay...so this tells a different story. It looks MUCH better on the PS5, and I’m assuming the Series X as well.


I’m struggling. I haven’t been this short tempered and irritable in a long time. Having two kids at home is slowly killing me.


Aaaand Balan Wonderworld’s demo looks slow, clunky and kinda buggy (at least on Switch). Talk about a disappointing day.


Looks like The Medium is kinda in the middle, regarding reviews. To be fair, so was The Evil Within, and I loved that game (the first one, not the sequel). So we’ll see.


We started watching The Witcher this evening, and it’s actually pretty good. I’ve been meaning to look into it for a while now.


It’s 5am and I’m wide awake.


You can call me gay all you want...because I am...but those new bud light seltzer lemonades are freaking delicious.


Today was a pretty good day.


Yo, Balan Wonderworld has a demo coming out on all platforms January 28th. I have been patiently optimistic about this one.


Beat Scott Pilgrim, didn’t recall that last boss having a space level and all. Anyway, moved on to Jedi Fallen Order. Yue wanted to experience the story again. It’s a really good game, and looks great (COME AT ME SAM!!!). Yakuza’s up next! #GamePass


I’ve never played a Yakuza game before. Fortunately, 0, Kiwami and Kiwami 2 are on Game Pass. Gonna start with 0 and go from there.


Fuck it. I wanna play through Scott Pilgrim again.


I’ve already pooped 3 times today. A bad omen, for sure.


So having not played an AC game since IV, I’m really enjoying Valhalla. It’s just fun. I’m not getting caught up in all the extra crap too much, which is good because apparently the main story alone takes upwards of 50hrs to finish.


I mimbur plz fren haz want hw accept


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