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I said things about MH Rise! Inb4 Slimybear comes along and makes dick comments.


Monster Hunter Rise really amps up once you hit Diablos. The Anjanath is pretty beefed up too, compared to World.




I’m in a funk. Emotionally, I’ve been really down lately. Seems like every day, something else drags me down just a little further. I’ll get through it...but man.


*bump* Hey guys, I'm wanting to add more friendos on PSN and Switch. My PSN is: revrevolution (old Dtoid alias). My Switch code is: SW-5643-6202-5526. The wife and I are playing Rise a lot. Join us in enraging PETA!


I’m home with the kids today. Send milk plz.


I wrote a blog about some website on the internet. Check it out maybe? Or whatever.


Destructoid: Looking Back on Greatness

Destructoid and I? We go back a ways. It's the first gaming site that I ever called home. I grew up with Jim Sterling, Dale North, Andy Dixon, Conrad Zimmerman, Jonathan Holmes, Chris Carter, and many of the other legendary individual...


Well, we put the Biden Bucks to work today. Bought a couple of Macbook Air's (a nice upgrade over our 5 year old Chromebooks). Just gotta get used to Mac now...


My wife keeps looking up kinky stuff now. How am I supposed to play Demon’s Souls with a boner??


Happy Birthday, Alpha! You’re incredibly talented, and I can’t help but be jealous of your musical skills. Thank you for being a part of Destructoid!


Got some thoughts on P5S! Spoilers: it’s fun.


Hey ya Yankees, $1400 checks are on the way. The House will approve the Senate’s revisions and we should see money by the end of the month.


I love this movie, so damn much. Probably my favorite Robin Williams movie.


She’s a good one.


I did this. I should probably feel bad.


Oh Pokémon...you made me go and record a new audio log on Twitter...(see comments).


Y’all looking rugged and hot. Then my gay ass over here bringing the weak sauce...


Okay, who’s fault is it that I’ve never experienced River City Girls until now? Was it you?? No not you dummy, YOU!


I get on these weird, nostalgic binges with Pokémon. We started watching the Indigo league, and it made me want to play through Let’s Go again (aka the best Switch Pokémon atm).


Help! My drink is delicious and I can’t even taste the alcohol!


Heyo! Got some thoughts n’ stuff about Viking Creed.


Please give me real feedback: how are the Ninja Gaiden games? Are they pretty tough? Are they fun?


Lot of unique people on that there internet.


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