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So I found out that all of my choir classes must rehearse outside this year. No tent, no accommodations whatsoever. It’s not like I need a piano or sound system. Or that voices don’t carry well outdoors.


Chillin’. Contemplating why I grew a molestache. #selfietoid


I’m seriously considering quitting my career as a teacher. I’m so fucking sick of being told what I can and cannot say/do, while endlessly getting shit on and disrespected by the government, and by the community. I’m broken.


Ever had one of those nights where you are up every hour having nonsensical, terrifying dreams? Oh, and I managed to punch and kick the wife (separate dreams of course).


Feeling kinda down tonight. It’s hard being at home all the time...but you guys know that. Just need to pull my head out of the deep. I’ll try getting out and sweating some tomorrow.


So I had a crazy thought last night as I was lying in bed. Bear with me here...what if project ‘Lockhart’ is a dedicated handheld for Game Pass users? Crazy and unlikely...but what a twisty choice that would be.


Twitter really pisses me off lately. Well, things I see on there anyway. But hey, Battletoads is finally coming out.


The Console Wars Are Dead: Long Live The Console Wars

Twitter is annoying You know, you'd think that in the year 2020, people would have better things to bicker about than whether or not the PS5 or Xbox Series X is better. I follow the topics of 'video games' and 'gaming hardware' on Twi...


I’ve had a lot of distractions lately, but inspiration has finally hit me to write a new blog. Probably crank it out when little girl goes down for a nap.


The 3DS is still a lovely little device.


So what’s the next big gaming adventure? Well...


Just beat Ghosts of Tsushima, and I’m overwhelmed with emotion. This has been the best video game that I have played in the past 7 years, and a fitting end to a wonderful generation.


It’s looking like Americans will be receiving another stimulus check, likely next month. Reports are indicating it will be in line with what we saw the first time, not the provisions suggested in the Heroes Act. Please use it wisely...not just on a PS5.


My butt is smelly. And yet, Jesus is the bread. Midgets cannot fly.


I’ve spent some time analyzing visuals for screenshots and videos of next gen gameplay (mostly PS5, more on Xbox tomorrow). I just don’t think this next gen is going to wow us as much. The obvious upgrades will be ray tracing, load times and framerate




I’m having a manboychild. That is all.


Just ate a nice salad with turkey pepperoni, shredded cheese and Olive Garden Italian dressing. Bliss.


My father is an avid Trump supporter, a homophobe, and a racist. I don’t like him very much...


Why is it called a grapefruit?


Bend over and touch yo’ toes. I’m going to show you where the **** **** goes!


No but really. Ghosts of Sushi Booshi is purdy and fun.


I’m drinking tonight. I’ve never done one of these but...AMA. Seriously, don’t hold back. I have lots of fun stories I could share. *bump* last one, I promise. I won’t bite!


Inspired by MeanderBot, have you ever sniffed the vent of your Switch while it’s playing? I love that smell.


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