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In a Viral Minute #6

And just as 321GoCast has returned so has In a Viral Minute. Aren�t you excited? This time on IaVM I will be discussing a whole bunch of things, a month�s worth of things actually since I have been away from IaVM for such a long time. So ...


In a Viral Minute #5

And Welcome back to another edition of In a Viral Minute. I�m JohnnyViral, and I hate you on the internet. As of the writing of this blog there are 2 and � weeks left until PAX Prime. This means that the PAX hype should reach an all time ...


In a Viral Minute #4

Welcome back to yet another edition of In a Viral Minute, brought to you by your friendly neighborhood JohnnyViral, and the letter S. As of the writing of this blog PAX Prime is only 29 days away, shits getting close. As you can see I ha...


In a Viral Minute #3

And here we go again for another edition of In a Viral Minute. Brought to you by your friendly neighborhood JohnnyViral, and this week also brought to you by the letter R. Starting with this post I�ll be initiating a small countdown to PAX ...


In a Viral Minute #2

Hey there DTOID, and welcome back to In a Viral Minute. First off let me thank all of those who commented and read my very first In a Viral Minute last time, thanks for the support and I hope this new one doesn't suck. I'll open this on...


In a Viral Minute #1

Howdy do DTOID, and welcome to In a Viral Minute, my new Cblog series. In it I comment about things that are on my mind. Now I know its called In a Viral Minute, but by no means does this mean that I will only be writing's for a minute and ...


I Fucking Called It.

So last night I watched the GDC stream, and watched the speech from Gabe Newell. He was getting ready to talk about new games coming from our Valve overlords when the computer up and died with a Blue Screen of Death. Now as this happened I ...


My Expertise: Mr. Awkward

I know people who are experts at fighting games, shooters, rpgs, racers, etc. But that is not my case, I mean I could say that I have an expertise in RPGs, but I really don't play that many to be honest. I could argue that my expertise is i...


Asking for your help once more community

So its a new year as we all know by now. And I've decided that with the new year should come a new look. What do I mean by that? A new avatar of course. What you though I was going to talk about about a real make over or some shit like that...


Happy New Year DTOID. Plus a few resolutions.

It is finally here, 2010. Happy New Year DTOID! This year for me has been a weird mixture of win and total fail. The first half of 2009 was fucking great for me, and then September and October fucked it all up. For starters I got dumped an...


Need Your Help Here Community

November is here, and for me that means that on the 27th day of the 11th month of this year 2009 I, JohnnyViral, turn 21. Thats right its my birthday this month and I need your help DTOID. Now out of the many games from this year that I cou...


10 Reasons to Hate Necros

TIme to jump on the band wagon. 10) He is a hippie. Enough said. 9) He is a lightweight. He gets drunk real fast, which may be a plus for us since we can then screw with him and light him on a fire. But as a man he should at least be abl...


So I got something in the mail yesterday

From our very own Kauza. About a week ago I won his Fallout 3 weapon contest with my patent pending Nailer gun. Kazua was nice enough to send me an envelope full of goodies. So yesterday I receive and envelope kind of like this one. (The ...


Red VS Blue. Its funny time again. (Short blog)

Last week, visiting he RvB site as I usually do I was quite happily surprised to find that the Rooster Teeth guys have once again restarted our favorite machinima series Red Vs Blue. This time with Relocated. Reconstruction Relocated Fu...


10 Thing you didn't know about JohnathanViral

10) I don't actually hate Necros. Sure I disagree with some of his practices, and his buying habits, BUT I genuinely like the guy and consider him a good friend. 9) I lurked DTOID for about a year 8)I have an unhealthy obsession with som...


Fallout 3 Operation: Anchorage Impressions

As we all know, today Bethesda released the first DLC package for Fallout 3 on the XBOX 360. Operation: Anchorage. First off let me say that I unconditionally LOVED Fallout 3, to me it was perfect, it could do no wrong. So I was, to say ...


FNF - Back to the lab again yo

So school has started back up for many of us college age DTOID members, myself included, BUT that is no reason for us not to have some fun with mindlessly, gory violence. AM I RIGHT? So as stated on the FNF forum post I will be hosting G...


Surprise Find

Walking into one of the 3 Gamestop stores at my local mall yesterday to pick up Catslevania: Order of Ecclesia, I came upon something I had never seen or even heard of before.I was intrigued enough to take a look at it and with a $25 dollar...


Oh The Things We Collect

Collectors, Limited and Special editions, we love them, we want them, we are proud to show them off and say that we own them. At least for a little while. Now Ive got nothing against these game editions, I own my fair share after all. My qu...


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