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Xenoblade chronicles definitive edition is pretty damn fantastic. Just over 10 hours in, the story is picking up & the characters are all pretty great. Kind of amazing how I've gone 10 years without having the story spoiled, eager to see what happens nex


Been thinking a lot recently about games that had me so excited, only to disappoint. I dedicate a lot of my time to gaming so it's a pretty disheartening when a game isn't what I hoped. I'll list some of mine in the comments. What games let you down?


Finished dishonored 2 with zero kills, Played as corvo and on xbox Not even 15% of players completed the game,less than 9% finished it with corvo. That's pretty sad... Its a fantastic game with great gameplay and world building.


I'd really like to see nioh 3, if it happens, move away from 'levels'. I think making each region you travel to one large playable area would be more interesting. Stronger enemies could be placed to gate areas off for later.


I wish I'd did more research into nioh 2 before buying it. I didn't realise just how much of an asset flip it is. Literally replaying levels from the first game... But the way you progress through them is reversed... Genius game design 🙄


Some progress on Yennefer, final piece will be Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri, with Eredin towering behind them. Might even have it printed on a t-shirt.


Nioh 2 seems like it was designed solely to frustrate 😠


I've been considering upgrading from the xbox one to the xbox one x... Can anyone who has did the same tell me if its even worth it? I know next gen is right around the corner but I'm holding off on that.


Quick update on my Witcher illustration... Been a while but I've been getting back to work on it.


Just had a major plot element from the last of us 2 spoiled for me... And I've never been so happy because wow... That game sounds like trash.


So the boss handed me £50 for returning to work and taking on some new responsibilities... Thinking ill treat myself to a new game or a few new games. Any recommendations? I've ps4, xbox and switch


Getting prepared for Final Fantasy VII Remake part 2 🤣


Started a new job today, my old job was never going to survive the lockdown and closure of businesses so I had to take whatever I could. I was a graphic designer... Now I'm a factory worker... 😐


Need to do some serious venting... About FFVII remake I'll do it in the comments


Approaching the end of FFVII remake and some areas really did get a load more work than others. So much so in fact the disparity between areas can feel like 2 different games. Makes me wonder how much work CyberConnect 2 had completed before they lost


Just hit quite a major difficulty spike in FFVII remake... Did not see it coming, had breezed through the game to this point and encountered my first game over. You'll know it when you get there.


About 13 hours in to FFVII remake now, there is some unnecessarily long areas. Some in particular have a certain FFXIII endless corridor feel. It has me concerned for part 2, give us an over world square Enix, not corridors. It's still really good


Really enjoying FFVII so far but every so often you'll see a really shoddy texture... Like here... This is just one giant flat low resolution jpeg.


Mission complete Final Fantasy VII acquired from my local supermarket. Had to buy food to make it look like I was doing essential shopping 🤣


I promised myself I wouldn't get it... I said the reviews won't sway me... I thought what I'd seen on twitch didn't entice me... But yet I'm frantically trying to secure a copy of FFVII remake... I'm such a sell out 🤣


Damn, I really cannot stop playing Days Gone... It started off quite generic but the story and characters have really grown on me. If you're looking a zombie action game. Buy this instead of Resident Evil 3.


Beat the Resi 3 campaign in under 7 hours, its a solid game...though the more action approach here really reminded me of RE5&6 Alot. Nemesis pales in comparison to Mr. X and enemies having one hit kill moves when I have full health is bullshit.


So Nemesis just waits outside staring at you... I'm not even in a save room. 🤣🤣


Finally playing Days Gone, bought it on Black Friday. Played a good chunk and it seems that the zombie hoards aren't really a concern for anyone. They're barely mentioned in cutscenes...if at all. Feels like a generic open world game with dull missions


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