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Yoship deserves all the love for Final Fantasy right now. Fixed 14 and now they got him working on a mainstream title for the PS5.


Today is benchmark day for the RTX 3080 too. Reviews are coming out and its looking real gud. Proven head and shoulders above the 2080 TI in both performance and price point. Gap will probably increase with partner cards too. Can't wait for those.


Also holy hell at Game Pass now providing EA Play at no additional cost. Microsoft really going all in on Game Pass this gen.


I wouldn't mind games costing $70 if that meant we didn't get microtransactions. But the reality is that we could see an increase and STILL see microtransactions :\


You know the other side to all these new GPUs coming out is that Nvidia's 20 series are probably gonna get heavy discounts. If you can snag a 2070/2080 Super for under $300, might not be the worst thing.


Everyone wants this superhero and that superhero as a game. I'm done with superheros. GIVE ME SKIES OF ARCADIA YOU FUCKING COWARDS.


I thought downloading it on PC might make me change my mind on it. But the Avengers game is just boring. It got nothing really unique going for it. When you got a game like Spider-Man out there, which was amazing, this feels like a real big step down.


Without spoiling anything, the MSQ for 5.3 was great. The FFXIV dev team keep finding new ways to raise the bar and I love them for it.


Anyone playing FFXIV just flying around the old zones? Like that seems weird but the new perspective is neat and really shows off how much work the dev team put into these areas. I love it.


Avengers has a whole character locked behind your console choice. Skins locked behind your mobile network and CPU. One with the kind of gum you buy. Can the AAA video game industry crash and burn already?


I don't think the Fall Guys devs anticipated this many people hoping on. Game is in maintenance. Shame. The game is a real good time.


Hot take: Mulan for $30 is a steal. Going to the movies has always been pricey. You can hit over that easy just by yourself. Way more with friends/family. If that was the standard for movies moving forward, I would totally pay that much.


PB&J eaters of Dtoid! Do you think Biggie really had Tupac killed? Did Suge Knight really off them both? What connection did Puff have here? Who really did it?


Carrion is neat. Perfect weekend game. Makes me wish there were more reverse horror games like it.


Lethal difficulty makes Ghost of Tsushima feel more fun imo. Like it's easier to get kills, but so much more punishing if you mess up.


Always enjoy Digital Foundry and their tech breakdowns. Their new video goes over why the colors in that new Halo look so flat. Just wild how much of an impact lighting can have on a game.


A game that I'm hoping turns out really well and gets lots of support post-launch is Fall Guys. It's really fun and super cute. Now that the NDA is dead I'm hoping more folks get a chance to check it out. It's a good time.


One of the other neat things they announced at FFXIV's live letter was a remix album. Probably will appeal more to those that play the game, and who like EDM in general, but it slaps hard. Really thinking of getting that.


Ya'll FFXIV is getting a new free trial in the next patch that is just insane. You can play ARR AND Heavensward. That is so much game for free. FFXIV is also adjusting ARR MSQ so that it doesn't feel so tedious/long too. Best time to get into FFXIV.


I really like hentai. That is all.


The way Ghost of Tsushima handles waymarks via that whole wind thing is so clever. Love it. Even when you don't actively call it, it still points you to where you gotta go. So neat. More open world games should have something as clean as that.


Wondering how folks who played RDR2 think of Ghost of Tsushima. Like RDR2 kind of had that slow burn going on while you explore the world. Ghost has that same kind of feel when exploring. Enjoy that lots in a game.


Despite the lack of actual ghosts, which is still bullshit, Ghost of Tsushima is geniuely the prettiest PS4 game I've ever seen. Really wish it was on PC to see it open up some more, but wow it's gorgeous.


I don't mean to drop big ol spoilers about Ghost of Tsushima, but you don't play as a ghost. Don't go around spooking people. No scary hijinks at all. You, in fact, stab them. This game is built on a throne of lies.


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