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Hot take: With companies left and right going on the news about abusing their employees, bullying their employees, not crediting their employees, and what have you. EA doesn't really feel like the worst video game company lately and it's easily by a lot.


You know the real reason the BF 2042 beta demo thing wasn't fun? They give you a dog and you can't pet it. Critical failure.


Finally my favorite character got added


Just as a public announcement for folks that got a VR headset. From now til October 4th 2:00 am (JST), the Tokyo Game Show this year has a VR app you can download and different venues to explore. It’s real neat and worth checking out. Link inside.


Am I really about to spend $100 on those controllers? Yes. Yes I am.


Episode 1 of Visions should be a series. Either animated or live action. Really hope they go back to that world.


Star Trek Bridge Crew but instead of a space game it’s a mecha game and you have to work together in a team to operate the mech.


Sony needs to just steal the idea of letting you put images and videos from the PS5 to your phone. Microsoft has a lock on that and makes it so easy to share stuff that way.


Tales of Arise has such a neat combat system. Probably the best in the series. Ability to just chain your combos and tag in partners is so much more like a fighting game than it ever has been. It’s a good time.


The new skit system on Tales of Arise is so good. Like a visual novel or manga playing out. Helps that each character is fun too.


Breath of the Wild scratches that same itch Minecraft does. Weird comparison, but just that aspect of exploring and the chill music that accompanies it makes it feel so calming. If BOTW 2 was just more of this, I’d be cool with that.


Doing that replay of Breath of the Wild. Like Skyward Sword? Good game. Breath of the Wild is just on such another level. Still an amazing game 4 years later.


Finished Skyward Sword. Good game and so pretty! Art style just pops the same way Wind Waker does and the characters can be so expressive. Really wish there was more story tho. Makes me really want to replay Breath of the Wild too.


You get the sword and its a good sword, but then the sword turns into a man. A hot man. Then you can date it. You can date the sword man. That's Boyfriend Dungeon. How can you not dig that idea?


You know what would make Microsoft Flight Simulator better? So get this. You fly to a body of water. You land on the water. Stop your plane so that it's just floating there. Then you fish. Microsoft Fishing Simulator. Give it to me you cowards.


Microsoft Flight Sim is still one of the most chill games out there. Still can't believe there's a Series X port now. Was so demanding on PC. Even the PC version got updates too to help with that. It's a good time.


The easiest thing you can do to support Activision/Blizzard workers today is not play, buy, or stream their games. That's the picket line. Don't cross the picket line. It is the very least you can do.


That was a great love letter to some awesome games. Still blows my mind they’d have such great admiration in those games to allow music from them to be played during the Olympics.


Amazing how much Japan thinks of video games to have tracks from all kinds of games playing for the athletes. Heard Nier, Monster Hunter, Ace Combat, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and Dragon Quest so far. Bandai and SE really showing up


I really hope Wind Waker is next in line for a Switch port. Really just port every first party game from the Wii U to the Switch. I'll buy it.


All this talk about Steam Deck and not really much on the real best feature. Hentai.


Barring website errors, why isn't this the norm? Like if I'm a proven customer of Nintendo, Sony, and/or Microsoft, why can't I directly reserve a console from them? This would dramatically cut down on scalping.


You know in the FAQ for the Steam Deck it mentions something interesting. While the whole "Steam Deck experience" is the default, it's still a PC. You can install third party software and other operating systems. That's neato.


Why does nobody at Valve have normal people hands? Their whole idea about how controllers should work is weird.


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