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Whew finally finished up Shadowbringers. It's wild how it feels like a complete game from beginning to end. To think that this is the start of the expansion. Can't wait to see what the FFXIV team cooks up next.


Kind of regret buying Super Mario Maker 2. Not because it's bad, but more that it's catching dust while I fiddle with Shadowbringers. It's so good.


As someone that played FFXIV for almost 6 years now, and without spoiling much, Shadowbringers has the strongest pair of opening quests in the whole game. It is absolutely bonkers and so good. 5.0 spoilers inside.


You know critics sometimes get it wrong. Like take Godzilla. Solid popcorn movie. Sometimes they get it right. Like MIB: International. Oh boy what a dumpster this was.


Aside from subscription, would you say there's a difference between a MMO and a live service game?


Tyson Fury is the best heavyweight on this planet.


Can I be mean? I'm gonna vent a little and be mean. If you look at a game like Cyberpunk 2077 and think that you'd love this, but would get annoyed by social justice commentary. Respectfully, fuck off. It's like wanting Harry Potter, but without the magic


E3 Reaction: Holy shit it's video games.


Don't sleep on the Kinda Funny showcase. They're showing off some neato indie games. Like this qt pie of a game.


"Indie development is 'stagnant' says Braid creator, Jonathan Blow" How true is this for folks? Because last I've checked indie games are amazing and the absolute amount of quality titles out there is amazing.


Glad I ignored the critic score. Godzilla was awesome.


I want EGS to be a good storefront. I like the idea of more competition on the PC market. I would be using it more often if they could guarantee their security was more secure. I think that one day it will be, but that day is not today. Link inside.


Hot take: The practice of crunch should be illegal. It's not healthy for anyone to work 12 hours days, 7 days a week, for 6 months or more. Ultimately, it's ineffectual. Look at Anthem as an example. It needs to go away. Someone should step in to do that.


Unpopular opinion: I would love if Sega did a remake of Sonic '06. Something polished, all the fixes, and the content that was cut. I'd check that out.


Not only is Ubisoft donating towards the Notre Dame restoration effort, they're giving out free copies of AC:Unity. Link inside.


Game developers need a union. Jason Schreier, who you might know from Kotaku, wrote a neat article on this. I'll post a link inside.


I think if there was a game that'd make me want to buy it day 1 from the Epic Game Store, it'd probably be Borderlands 3.


This is the most elaborate attempt at a confession to what's on those flash drives I have ever seen.


Sekiro reminds me alot of my first time with Demon's Souls. You spend so much time learning the game's mechanics and exploring the level. It was so fun. Sekiro is just like that first Demon's Souls play through. It's good, fun, stuff.


I wish DMC 5 had stronger multiplayer. It's weird saying that for a DMC game, but having three people on screen doing crazy shit is a blaast. Working off each other's combos is fun. I can't wait to see the combo exhibitions.


So the Power Ranger game is a budget title and looks like one too But it has Justin Wong working on it And it looks like it plays ALOT like Marvel vs Capcom Think with good netcode and good gameplay, this could end up being a sleeper hit.


Anyone else noticing that Capcom has been releasing killer games left and right. Wild to think that a couple years ago people thought they were done. RE2 and 7, MHW, a new Mega Man, and now another great DMC game. They are on a roll.


Oh my gosh. THQ Nordic FUCKED up. They decided to host an AMA right. But instead of going to reddit, they decided hey let's be a little counter-culture and post it on 8chan. The same 8chan that hosts child porn, has open air racism, and white supremacy.


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