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Hands-on with Kinect Disneyland Adventures

As we all know, there are dozens of new games coming out this year. I'm not just talking about the big blockbusters for us grown ups. There is also a large group of gamers that happens to be a bit younger and some of you might have one of t...


Zynga bringing out new games to Facebook and mobile

Zynga, who basically runs the world of Facebook games, held a press conference last week in their offices in San Francisco. In this rendezvous, they talked about many of their upcoming projects and hinted at creating their own game space...


Preview: Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure is doing something no other videogame has ever done by making real collectible toys be an integral part of a videogame experience. It's a novel concept, one that has left many people scratching their head at su...


You are the antivirus in Disney Universe

In a whole new world under the sea, in a tale as old as time that brings the circle of life together. This is a snapshot of the Disney universe, basically. In Disney Universe the game, you get the chance to experience the variety of the man...


Dungeon Defenders is bringing it to the hardcore

Just when you thought that you have already seen every type of tower defense game, the team at Trendy Entertainment have thrown us a curveball with what might be the most all encompassing version of the genre to date. To be more specific, t...


Star Trek: Infinite Space is boldly going there

Let's face it, Star Trek games have been a challenge for most developers. With many titles in the past that have tried endlessly to capture the universe in a way that can please the fans of the series, the team at Keen Games is at...


Free-to-play Hellbreed is NOT about demon sex

Hellbreed, which is being released today, is about a splintered world where you and a party of up to three friends need to gather together and assemble it using skills of magic, might, and mayhem. For anyone who has been looking for an...


One last look at Gears of War 3 from new eyes

First off, I have never played a Gears game until recently. Not that I have anything against the franchise, its just that we were two ships passing in the night -- that, and I am without an Xbox 360. I had the opportunity to play three of t...


Preview: Burnout Crash!

When we first heard about a new Burnout game, we had in our minds a brand new speed and ripped metal jaunt through some serene countryside and traffic-jammed cities. What we got is a game that is trying to capture the essence of the mechani...


Preview: Warp

What do you do when walls don't matter? This was a question posed by the developers of the upcoming game Warp. The team at Trapdoor started working on the mechanics first by toying with teleporting through walls and into objects. Now t...


Preview: The Baconing

Much like the Rapture, the Quickening, and whatever other religious world changing event is coming, The Baconing is upon us and we must get our collective asses back into church and pray that our savior Deathspank can save us.  Even th...


Preview: Dragon Age II: Legacy

Buckets of blood will be shed in the newest expansion to Dragon Age II. This little gem of a franchise was started in late 2009 and with Dragon Age: Origins, Bioware had a hit. With that release, they also brought about an abunda...


Preview: Kirby Wii

Finally, that little pink puffy character with the suction power of a Dyson will have his first adventure for the Wii in the style of the old school games. Sure, there was Kirby's Epic Yarn, but Kirby Wii (working title) is all about the c...


The next Harry Potter has a very Gears of War feel

During the EA Summer showcase, the newest entry to the Harry Potter videogame series was available to check out just before it becomes available this Tuesday. In this final chapter of the story, you must save the world and your friends from...


Preview: The Sims 3 Pets

It's the Summer of the Sims and at the EA Summer Showcase, there were disc (Frisbee) catching dogs on hand to excite the crowd about Sims 3 Pets. Just like the title implies, this expansion adds pets to the core game that people have been c...


Someone get me a straw for this.

<p>I must say that I am totally stoked (hate using that word) to be interning in the 2011 class at Dtoid. My history and some memorable moments are in my sidebar so i wont bore you with what video games that I like or don't like. Just...


Preview: The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles

How much “YAR!” can you handle?  The Sims Medieval came out back in March and as we might have seen with other Sims games, we have a new expansion ready to roll out in Pirates and Nobles. As the title implies, it adds pir...


About John Speerbreckerone of us since 6:58 PM on 03.04.2011

Who I am. I'm just a guy that loves video games and began this romance when I was a small child growing up in the farmlands of Southern Minnesota. My best friend at the time who I thought was the rich kid in town had received a Atari 2600 and My memories of playing pitfall in his parents bedroom was something of wonder. When the Nintendo first came out, there was only one person in the whole town who had one and it belonged to the daughter of the man who owned the Zenith (yes, Zenith) appliance store. They had the system hooked up to the televisions on display so that He could watch her instead of having to rely on daycare. My travels while I would rampant around the town generally led there and now that I look back on it, I was a pretty annoying kid. I would always bother the owner to play the system because growing up my family never had enough money to spend on frivolous things like video games when outside was our mushroom kingdom.

Fast forward to the Christmas of 1986 is when my 4 brothers and I got the NES Entertainment system. We would of course physically fight each other to play the thing. I also remember waking up at 4:00AM everyday before school to play it until I had to get on the bus. I also remember getting in trouble for causing such a commotion and waking up my father who had grown thoroughly annoyed at the boing boing sound that Mario would make as he jumped.

Over the Year, I would continue this pattern until I would accomplish the one great feat that I was working on for almost a year. Halloween of 1987 was the first year that I figured that I was to old to go out trick or treating in the neighborhood. I stayed home playing SMB that evening with only one goal. That was to do that cheat-thing in world 3-1 where at the end you had the opportunity to be able to time a jump on a red koopa in rapid succession to get an infinite number of lives. That night I earned a "Crown" number of lives and I was officially finished with that Mario chapter of my life.

Of course, over the years, I have played many more video games since then and have a blast with all of them. Not to go into to much about all the games that I have played but I just have a passion for them in all forms.

I have done my time as an EB Games store manager where I walked because they couldn't afford to pay my asking price of 40 grand a year. With a degree mind you. After that section I moved out to Norther California to make headway into this massive world that is Video Game Journalism. I contribute regularly to https://www.examiner.com/video-game-industry-in-san-francisco/john-speerbrecker and Now, I will officially be working with https://www.destructoid.com as a local contributor. After many years of soul searching and really going after what I love, I am really excited and amazed at what the future will hold.

Xbox LIVE:MurdocK12
PSN ID:MurdocK-12


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