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Hey guys. I'm still alive. Just playing way too much Overwatch instead of anything else lately :/




Was thinking about wall sprays in games & I'm pretty sure they started with the original Half-Life in 1998. They were b&w bitmaps, though people found a way to use color. There were defaults but you could use custom images as well so lots of funny stuff.


Upgraded from 27" 1080p to 32" 1440p. Honestly not as much of an upgrade as I expected. Feels like it's diminishing returns after 1080p. It's a nice monitor, though, & with the nice stand & thin bezels it feels like I have more space on my desk not less.


Forza Horizon 4 is great, but the last time I had a game stroke my ego with constant praise this much was Nekopara. It gets kind of eye-rolly after a while.


More reasons to hate Windows Store - what kind of freaking store doesn't tell you the total (WITH tax) before you click buy? It didn't even show it AFTER, I had to go look up the confirmation email. Also, wtf is with paying tax on digital stuff?!?!


My PC was definitely due for a cleaning lol. Afterward I popped my old GTX 760 4GB in to see how it's held up. Still runs stuff like FH4 & Gears 4 & Arkham Knight better than the base One/PS4! (But only because it's the 4GB variant vs 2GB.)


PSA: The Forza Horizon 4 demo is out on PC & Xbox :D :D :D


PC Gamer said that the PAX demo of Streets of Rage 4 used SOR2's OST to fill in. Someone in the comments pointed out this post on Yuzo Koshiro's twitter. Maybe he's in negotiations to compose?


Just finished Steamworld Dig 2. 7/10. For some reason it had very few bosses. Ending is a little downer, but then you realize that this game leads into Steamworld Heist. Also, you actually find out who The Outsider from Heist is. Now gimme Heist 2!!


I hate how I get stuck on replaying the same games over & over. Overwatch is okay since it's my online fix, but I need to give Slay the Spire, Dead Cells, & The Long Dark a rest. Thinking Shadow Tactics or Stellaris, haven't done a strategy game in ages.


Death's Gambit is out tomorrow (PS4/PC). Hollow Knight & Dead Cells fans might want to give it a look. Hoping it doesn't get too overshadowed by Dead Cells. And I hope it's good! I've been waiting for years for this game!


Just realized that Death's Gambit is coming out in a couple days. It looks amazing, but releasing a week after Dead Cells is terrible timing. I hope it still gets the attention it (presumably) deserves :/


Every time I whip someone in the ass with Brigitte's flail this plays in my head and I cackle out loud.


Welp I got the one good Summer Games skin. Now to ignore the event and go check out Monster Hunter.


I feel like I got dumber just reading this Sonic Mania review.


I'm making a little tutorial blog about running games ultrawide on a regular 16:9 screen (letterboxing them). It's not that hard & if you have a big monitor (27"+) I think it's a better experience in games that work with it. FH3, TW3, TF2, etc. are great.


Despite people freaking over the word "parity" the PC port of Monster Hunter World sounds pretty good. It has all the usual graphics options & stuff. Apparently Volume Rendering is what gives the game a washed out look so I'll be happy to disable that.


In the announcement earlier this month it looked like Broken Age was the last free Twitch Prime game this month (on Prime Day). But two more just dropped today. So I guess keep an eye on that page.


When someone tells you they game with a trackball.


PSA in case you've forgotten about the free Twitch Prime games today is Tyrrany, which is probably the biggest title of the bunch.


Tried the Fear the Wolves beta. Total PUBG ripoff, buggy & broken. Not even Early Access ready. I actually enjoyed Volstok's Survarium for a while but this feels like an uninspired cashgrab. Sad as it's the only BR that had looked interesting to me.


So the qp add image button seems to be missing for me. anyone know a fix? :/ I'm using Firefox. (the best part is that I almost took a snapshot to show you before I realized how dumb that would be)


Sorry, gaming websites, I'm not disabling adblock. Every time I've disabled it somewhere I've been pummeled with harassing popups, autoplaying videos, etc. Ads would be fine if they weren't obnoxious & intrusive. Plus it's a security issue at this point.


Haven't been around as much lately so I just wanted to poke in & say hi. I'm still playing way too much Overwatch & my backlog is getting worse because of it. Need to play Nier Automata or Hollow Knight next I think. What good stuff is in your backlog?


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