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I really don't know how people can play Dishonored in a non-lethal way. After the beginning my first instinct is to murder the absolute fuck out of these guys.


PSA: Castle of Illusion is back up on Steam after being gone for a bit. Great modern remake of the original (one of my favorite Genesis titles). It's on sale for like $4 on Amazon and I think the Android version is actually free there, too.


Was looking through my Wishlist for the Steam sale and came across Hellraid. Really hope it goes back into development, it looked so damn cool.


I'm just gonna throw this out there, Steam, but maybe you could recommend a game or two I don't already own.


How about those Steam reviews, Take Two. It's almost like your entire community is telling you to go fuck yourself.


I'm considering a Patreon for my Steam grid image site. It gets 400+ visits per day, has about 7,000 images already, & was featured on PC Gamer. I feel like it's legit to ask for donations toward my work & it seems better than ads. What do you think?


There is something called the "Atari Box" coming out (saw it mentioned on Facebook). Don't see any details, I'm assuming it's something like the NES Classic maybe? https://www.ataribox.com/


I had some swelling of my thyroid so my doctor referred me to an endocrinologist. Apparently I need to have the whole thing removed because it has nodules all over it. Meeting a surgeon to make plans in a couple weeks. What could possibly go wrong?


I think I need a serious Overwatch break, this is getting ridiculous and my backlog is getting even more nuts :/ Also, you guys do know I only have the "01" on my name because someone took "Jinx" before me, right?


Here's my "setup". PC is on the floor, that's the card/CPU it has. Speakers are from 2000. Wireless 360 controller & added my 2DS for the heck of it too. Want my own place & a huge TV to hook up as well. Split screen parties if I can find people to play.


With the season over the competitive Overwatch players are all in quickplay being dicks. "It's just QP, it's just a joke, I'm just going to dick around". Like, dude, it's only a joke WHEN YOU GUYS ARE HERE. YOU'RE THE ONES WHO MAKE IT THIS WAY.


Came up with some great CRT shader settings for Dead Cells. Some mild scanlines really make the artwork pop. Full size comparison here, just make sure to scale it 1:1 or it looks weird: http://cryotank.net/uploads/deadcellsreshade01.png


I haven't been around a lot, been seeing someone & it's kinda keeping me busy :/ Been playing lots of Overwatch, though, and I'm getting into Dead Cells. If you like Castlevania or Rogue Legacy you NEED that game. So many great 2D platformers this year...


Funny how having a girlfriend makes you totally forget about vidya games most of the time. Though she did like watching me play Hollow Knight.


*reports all the Disqus ads just to get them to disappear*


I was glancing at my bookmarks and found links for Voodoo 5500 64mb drivers. I should probably clean these out...


PSA: ReShade is compatible with Hollow Knight. I'm going to adjust it to somewhere in between, but it's a nice option to boost color saturation. Pick the Direct X 10+ version. First time using it, is there a CRT shader as well?


That awful, terrifying moment when you realize you're hopelessly in love with someone and there is no possible way it will end well.


Hey look what useless crap I just dug up. BA in English & Creative Writing, MA in Cultural Anthropology. And 4 years wasted trying to finish a PhD :/ And now I have no job and no idea what to do. Any suggestions? :/


Battle Princess Madelyn just made a Kickstarter. It's heavily inspired by Ghouls 'n Ghosts & is super cute. The dev is making it for his daughter Madelyn. Freaking adorbs. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/causalbitgames/battle-princess-madelyn


PSA: Another Witcher book was just released in English :)


They just released a demo for Freedom Planet 2! PC/Mac. http://freedomplanet2.com/demo%20.php


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I love gaming, and I have followed the industry and its technology since I was a kid in the 80's. I have gamed primarily on PC since 2000, though I still follow console news and hardware as well.

I worked as a mapper and beta tester for the mod Action Half-Life. I also make custom images for Steam's grid view, those are over on my website.
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