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Back-in-the-day Electronic Gaming Monthly was the coolest magazine by far. Most of the others like GamePro read like ad copy, EGM told you if stuff was crap and went to Japan for all the latest rumors and news. It was basically my 90s version of Dtoid lol


The Long Dark team did a post describing the processes they go through to update the game on Steam, PS4, & Xbox One. It gives you an idea how long the certification process takes, & why console patches take so much longer to release. Link in comments.


Just in case you were wondering, Lucioball still sucks. Just go play Rocket League.


You know you've been at your PC too much when you drop something and your mind tries to press "control-Z"


Had my entire thyroid removed yesterday. It was scary (any surgery is), but the surgery went well and I'm back at home feeling fine today. Going to have a scar, though, and need to take a synthetic thyroid drug every day. Beats goiters & possible cancer!


tfw you find a game's config file and realize you can jack the settings up beyond ultra


tfw someone insists the human eye can't see more than 30 frames per second


One thing Steam could use in this UI update is the ability to completely remove certain types of content. Specifically, VR games and movies. I have no interest in either and it's annoying having them on my storefront.


Been tinkering with running games at 21:9 to improve 4K performance & I am really digging the aspect ratio in games that add horizontal fov. Doom & Forza are amazing ultrawide. Pissed that Overwatch is vert-, though. You actually see LESS at 21:9 in it.


And I thought Doom & Fallout 4 were out of control. Might need a third 3TB hard drive soon...


Here's a trick for improved 4K performance: run in a 21:9 aspect ratio. Cuts enough pixels to give a big performance boost & widens your FOV. Doom & Forza Horizon 3 are great this way. Getting 4K/60fps on a GTX 1070 on high/ultra settings for both games.


Really wish Battlefront II's campaign could be bought separately. For $30 I'd buy it at release, assuming it was long enough. Guess I'll just wait till the game hits like $20 on Origin or something :/


I just noticed that 3DMark added a Direct X 12 demo last year called Time Spy. It takes place in a museum, and some of the displays are animated dioramas of their previous benchmark scenes! You can see more in the full benchmark, but there are a few here.


Really want a big 4K tv for Christmas. For now I'm looking at getting last-gen games running at 4K/60fps w/ downsampling. I think elements like shadows/lighting scale with resolution in some engines & get out of hand at 4K. Maybe I'll do tweak guides?


Is it safe to say this round of VR failed? It still doesn't seem to have a "killer app" that everyone is going crazy to play. I'm wondering if it's suited for gaming at all. At the least it feels like it needs another 10 years in development.


I really don't know how people can play Dishonored in a non-lethal way. After the beginning my first instinct is to murder the absolute fuck out of these guys.


PSA: Castle of Illusion is back up on Steam after being gone for a bit. Great modern remake of the original (one of my favorite Genesis titles). It's on sale for like $4 on Amazon and I think the Android version is actually free there, too.


Tiny Snek's artist must be a PC gamer...


Was looking through my Wishlist for the Steam sale and came across Hellraid. Really hope it goes back into development, it looked so damn cool.


I'm just gonna throw this out there, Steam, but maybe you could recommend a game or two I don't already own.


How about those Steam reviews, Take Two. It's almost like your entire community is telling you to go fuck yourself.


I'm considering a Patreon for my Steam grid image site. It gets 400+ visits per day, has about 7,000 images already, & was featured on PC Gamer. I feel like it's legit to ask for donations toward my work & it seems better than ads. What do you think?


There is something called the "Atari Box" coming out (saw it mentioned on Facebook). Don't see any details, I'm assuming it's something like the NES Classic maybe?


I had some swelling of my thyroid so my doctor referred me to an endocrinologist. Apparently I need to have the whole thing removed because it has nodules all over it. Meeting a surgeon to make plans in a couple weeks. What could possibly go wrong?


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