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Getting a major hankering to replay some STALKER, maybe modded this time. What older games do you replay a lot? For me it's Stalker, Mario 64, Mario World, Yoshi's Island, and Zelda 1. One-of-these-things-is-not-like-the-others lol. Want Switch for SMO...


I just played a bit of Sea of Thieves. It's... okay. The water is neat I guess?. Everything just seems so simplistic and empty, though. Can see it being fun for a weekend with friends but there's no staying power or depth here that I can see.


No power since Thursday afternoon. Losing my mind without my pc and with limited data. Send help x%20


Just in case you still had any respect for mobile gaming left.


Now someone make a Battle Royale game based on Sabagebu! Survival Game Club lol


Decided to give Subnautica a shot & it's great! Was expecting a survival/building sandbox, but there is more of a story & purpose so what you are doing feels like it matters. Definitely recommend it, & don't be afraid to check a guide online sometimes!


The Iconoclasts OST got posted on YouTube. I recommend Moonlight, the Agent Black fight. I think she's my favorite character, I felt so bad for her. That game had way more feels than I'd expected, & my rating of it keeps rising as I reflect more on it...



Half-Life turns 20 this year! Still have my original CD. One of the first games I got for my first PC. 20 years of PC gaming, 20 years of being Jinx lol


Drives me nuts looking at my old Half-Life maps. They're stellar on a technical level, but why the hell didn't I put more COVER in them?! I miss mapping, considering trying Doom's SnapMap. I really want an Overwatch map editor, I'd go nuts with that!


Just finished Iconoclasts! Pretty good, 8/10 I'd say. It's NOT a metroidvania imo, it's open yet functionally linear. Some good characters, love Robin, Black, & Mina. Mina+Samba is the cutest couple ever. Darker than expected, mostly for the better.


Apparently Sumo Digital is working on a new karting game. Wonder what it could be? <3


The Battle Royale genre should evolve. Smaller areas so less running around doing nothing. Less players so matches aren't as drawn out. Quick respawns so one death doesn't end your whole game. Carefully balanced weapons & tightly designed maps. Hmmmm...


I love Iconoclasts but this annoys the shit out of me


Made an Iconoclasts version of my Dead Cells ReShade CRT scanline tutorial if anyone wants to try it. I'm really digging it. Link in comments.


Ever see a new release and know it's going to be the Next Big Thing? Also got my eye on Angels Fall First. It's hard to predict sometimes, though, as I see games I'd never have expected to be popular hitting Steam's top sellers.


Not sure how I forgot to put it in my indie list, but Tangledeep is a great little turn-based dungeon-crawler like Quest of Dungeon or Sproggiwood - but with deeper RPG elements. I mention it because a) it deserves attention & b) it is coming to Switch.


It floors me that games like Iconoclasts, Axiom Verge, Stardew Valley, & Cave Story could be made by one person. That takes not just insane (multi)talent, but a true passion for one's work. I wish this guy all the success in the world.


Picked up Nier Automata to play next week when I visit my parents (I hook my PC to the TV and play controller stuff). Decided to check out the very beginning and jeez does it start off hot and hook you fast O%20 (sorry I'm a year behind in everything...)


Every Nintendo fan's floor right this second.


For a system people have been calling "dead" for years the Vita sure has a lot of games coming out for it. It predated and outlived the Wii U's entire lifespan. At this rate it will only die because Sony eventually quits making them.


I haven't blogged in ages, so I decided to put together my "Most Anticipated Indie Games of 2018" list. Hope some people like it. Can't believe we get Iconoclasts next week!!!


Jinx's Most Anticipated Indie Games of 2018!

Sometimes I do a list of my "most anticipated" games of the year. This time as I put the list together I realized that 90% of it was indie stuff. So I figured… let's just go with that theme! I'm sure there are some great games I...


Wish I'd tried Prey sooner. Amazing game. I'd passed because I didn't like the monster design. But you have to experience them in-game & *hear* them as the sound design is part of why they're so freaky. Gameplay/story up there w/ Deus Ex/H-L/Bioshock imo


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I love gaming, and I have followed the industry and its technology since I was a kid in the 80's. I have gamed primarily on PC since 2000, though I still follow console news and hardware as well.

I worked as a mapper and beta tester for the mod Action Half-Life. I also make custom images for Steam's grid view, those are over on my website.
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