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The Nintendo Switch created Mei and New Symmetra.


I was tinkering with The Witcher 3 first-person mod, and it was raining in-game, except I didn't notice it was also raining IRL, and there was this loud thunder that shook the whole house and I jumped up in shock because I thought the game did it...


So do any of you not know what Zelda is? Because apparently it's no longer "mainstream" ;p


The good: BotW is a solid 30fps on the Switch (720p mobile, 900p docked). But they mention that the Wii U version ran poorly back at E3 (even dipping below 20fps). I gotta wonder if this will be a Hyrule Warriors type situation.


I noticed this exchange on the Terraria Facebook. Otherworld was looking pretty sweet as I recall. Hope it comes soon, I'm finally a bit burnt on Terraria & Starbound so I need the next big thing from them lol


Holy crap, PC Gamer mentioned my website prominently in one of their articles! This *was* a nice birthday!


Happy Birthday to me I guess x%20 Please let me find some direction this year... Or just play more videogames, whatever.


Do you guys come up with your own goals in games? In The Long Dark I once made a quest to jump off the top of the mountain. This time it was to light the lighthouse with fire & flares. Other times I pick an "extraction point". The power of imagination!


Been breaking in my GTX 1070 with Forza Horizon 3. I don't like the Windows Store but I'll tolerate it for this game. Reminds me a lot of Burnout Paradise. The Witcher 3 also looks amazing on Ultra settings & I just added a weather mod with better rain!


When your team has three snipers and they get mad when you politely suggest someone should switch.


Can anyone think of some older FPS maps that had lethal traffic like Oasis does in Overwatch? We had a few in Action Half-Life but I can't think of any maps in other games with that gimmick offhand. Side note: environmental kills in Oasis are so fun...


I have $$ to upgrade my video card but I'm struggling to justify it. I am so disinterested in AAA games lately, Doom & Overwatch & Blood&Wine were about all the AAA I played this year. AAA's just seem immature, boring, cliche, & contrived to me lately :/


Really enjoying Half-Genie Hero. The music, tone, & playstyle remind me of Megaman or Sonic in a great way. It's *totally* a metroidvania, too, not sure what people are talking about when they say it isn't. The lack of a map is not an issue at all, though


Two things I recommend in Overwatch: Say "hi" to everyone in global chat before each match. It breaks the ice, gets people talking, & promotes a good attitude. And compliment good players after the match. You might make someone's day. Mei-rry Christmas!


After 300 hours I finally started playing Competitive in Overwatch. I was expecting bad attitudes, but WOW do people appreciate good healers there. I ranked Gold to start, mostly playing Mercy with a little Mei on some maps. Also, Symmetra is broke AF OP


I almost want to uninstall Overwatch so I'll play something else. This is why I don't play MMOs, I don't want one game dominating all my play time! That said, I had a good Pharah potg tonight at least...


PC Gamer gave Dishonored 2 GOTY. A game that launched in a completely broken state on PC & is still a wreck. My most anticipated game this year & I refunded it. If PC GAMER will give them a pass for releasing a port this bad, why should devs even try?


Can't go to see Rogue One due to my hearing damage (too much loud or high pitched noise makes me sick and severely depressed). I'm pretty much screwed because there is no way I'm making it until the Bluray release without spoilers :(


I wonder if iD is paying attention to reviews & fan reactions to Doom. Go anywhere like Facebook & everyone is "nobody cares about MP, give us singleplayer dlc!" If they aren't working on a singleplayer expansion they suck. Sounds like MP is dead anyway.


Mei-rry Christmas! Her skin seemed too simple to be Legendary... until I found out she turns into an ice snowman instead of an ice block when she has it. What's below is an emote where she makes a snowman. Mei is bae <3 <3


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I worked as a mapper and beta tester for the mod Action Half-Life. I also make custom images for Steam's grid view, those are over on my website.
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