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I haven't been around a lot, been seeing someone & it's kinda keeping me busy :/ Been playing lots of Overwatch, though, and I'm getting into Dead Cells. If you like Castlevania or Rogue Legacy you NEED that game. So many great 2D platformers this year...


Funny how having a girlfriend makes you totally forget about vidya games most of the time. Though she did like watching me play Hollow Knight.


*reports all the Disqus ads just to get them to disappear*


I was glancing at my bookmarks and found links for Voodoo 5500 64mb drivers. I should probably clean these out...


PSA: ReShade is compatible with Hollow Knight. I'm going to adjust it to somewhere in between, but it's a nice option to boost color saturation. Pick the Direct X 10+ version. First time using it, is there a CRT shader as well?


That awful, terrifying moment when you realize you're hopelessly in love with someone and there is no possible way it will end well.


Hey look what useless crap I just dug up. BA in English & Creative Writing, MA in Cultural Anthropology. And 4 years wasted trying to finish a PhD :/ And now I have no job and no idea what to do. Any suggestions? :/


Battle Princess Madelyn just made a Kickstarter. It's heavily inspired by Ghouls 'n Ghosts & is super cute. The dev is making it for his daughter Madelyn. Freaking adorbs.


PSA: Another Witcher book was just released in English :)


They just released a demo for Freedom Planet 2! PC/Mac.


I forgot my own rule: only discuss things like politics in blogs, never in comment sections. The latter just doesn't work and everyone gets snarky (including me).


Decisions, decisions. This is going to be an insane year for great 2D platformers. Offhand: Chasm, Death's Gambit, Rain World, ANNE, Cuphead, and Ghost Song. Any others worth adding to the list?


Finally trying Hyper Light Drifter. If I could sum it up in one word it would be "annoying". Nothing is explained & the graphics are confusing as hell. I can't tell what is solid and what isn't. It's like groping around in the dark. Awful design.


Forgot all about Hollow Knight but apparently it's out now. Really digging the hand drawn 2D animation style. Gonna be a great year for platformers.


Ever find a good gif, then you leave open in a tab, just waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it?


My right shoulder and arm are killing me, I assume from too much mousing - with Overwatch, The Long Dark, and making grid images in Photoshop. Time for some controller-centric games I guess? :/


For some dumb reason Freedom Planet 2 is going through Greenlight to get on Steam. Makes no sense that they should have to jump through that hoop again. Anyway, give them a vote:


How did we go from badass Shepard to derpy-ass Ryder? Ryder looks like an annoying side character, not the hero. You know, the character you let get killed off lol. I just can't get excited about being Ryder the way I did being Shepard. Awful models, too.


Disqus is really going nuts with these video ads. I can barely browse QPs on mobile with all the lag.


Stumbled across this at GameStop. I don't own a Wii U, but TP is one of my favorite Zeldas. Also the favorite of someone I lost, so I'll have it to remind me of her.


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