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Turns out no one at my job is getting a raise this year due to a failed union negotiation. Everyone who had worked 1+ year was supposed to get a raise in August. Might not be able to get one until I become a driver. Nothing I can do about it. Current mood


*BUMP* I think I'm ready to sell Skies Of Arcadia Legends (Voodoome), Ninja Warriors Once Again PS4 (Occams), and Order Of Ecclesia (Still available). However, there are some VERY IMPORTANT details I need to go over before I sell them. Please read below.


My collecting of cool cutlery continues to commence.


Man, Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition looks AMAZING!


I can confirm that PS5 is sold out at PetsMart too. *Sigh* :( Edit: But I've heard that Walmart may have more units available for pre-order on the 22nd. No time frame was given. Stay tuned!


I don't watch anime anymore but I'll post a pretty obscure opening. Tbh this show is really dull and kinda boring. It only had a Western DVD release in France.


I still think Garou: Mark of the Wolves is still one of the best 2D fighting ever conceived! "AREYOUOK? BUSTA WOOF!" What are your favorite 2D fighters?


Introducing my cousin's new puppy, Piper!


I platinumed JugNoggin. Yee.


Since I want in on the fun: Name that game! 1,000,001 gamer points to whomever gets it first! Hint: I can't believe it's not Gundam!


I added 3 new swords to my collection. That I did!


Went to get breakfast and some weird guy told me that I look like Jared Kushner (🤮). I told him "That's a new one".


To those in the path of Hurricane Laura please stay safe.


This here is Mutation Nation by SNK. Imagine if Fist Of The North Star and Heavy Metal had a love child that grew up to be a beat-em-up (Just minus the excessive gore and nudity). It's pretty goofy but fun!


My first attempt at a meme. Though I admit, I feel a bit bad using the US flag like this.


Well...since the Fritos bag said...how's your guys' day going?


After talking to HR, it looks like some driver jobs at my hub might open up around the holidays. I'm #215 on the seniority list but there's only 107 people ahead of me. I'm told they're hiring a lot around then and some people on the list may not get it.


Axel's daily ritual of following me into my bathroom and rolling around on my bath mat.


Now it looks like Rocksteady Studios has some sexual harassment cases (among other things) they haven't addressed over the years. *Sigh* Is it seriously that hard not to be a creep? If something you say or do seems wrong, it probably is.


I brought this up in another post but I'm looking into the possibility of selling some of my rare games starting with my copy of Skies Of Arcadia Legends. I'm not sure when I might start this but I will let you guys know. I'll price it fairly too!


Sooooo....about that interview...


I got an interview tomorrow for a UPS driver job! WOOHOO! :D


I got an interview tomorrow for a UPS driver job! WOOHOO! :D


The finished cookies with the recipe in the comments. Enjoy!


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