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I made 3 (meatless) sandwiches for dinner!


I offer you all this! (Don't lose it. I had to fight some pompous guy in a chariot and his pet horse or whatever to get it)


It's that magical time of year where I push myself to my limits. Working everyday for a month straight while keeping up with my gym regiment. It takes serious focus but the payoff is worth it and I'm ready for the challenge!


Starting Friday I'm going to be working everyday for a month straight. It's not gonna to be easy. It's not gonna be fun. But I wanna do it. Time to prep!


Just got Christmas shopping done entirely! Just wanted to get some extra things for my nephews!


As if he isn't shitty enough, it turns out Kotick also wrote that Activision defending email that Fran Townsend put out a few months ago. The same one he called "tone deaf" and led to Fran stepping down from her position at ActiBlizz. Bastard NEEDS to go.


But...Can you pet the Mara?


Happy 15th Birthday to the PS3! Lots of memories playing Unreal Tournament 3 on there as well as many other classics. Care to share your memories of the system?


Happy Birthday to all the birthdays out there! Have some Okami slippers!


I still really liked Dead Space 3 ._.


I've beaten Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. My thoughts? I liked it. I probably would've loved if I played it when it came out but this was my first time playing it. The controls are a little stiff and level design's a bit simple but I enjoy a challenge.


Looks like classic Genesis Shmup Gynoug will be the next re-release by Ratalaika! It's coming to Switch Xbone/XSX, and PS4/5 on Nov. 12!


No Padoru. Just my mom's Christmas cookies (or biscuits if you're from the UK).


My freakin' 9 day vacation begins................now.


What character(s) would you like to have seen in Smash added as assist trophies? I think Bub & Bob would've been good choices. Hanging out at the bottom of the screen and shooting bubbles up at your competition a la Puzzle Bobble. What would your pick do?


Starting my paid vacation next Sunday! Lots of gaming, resting, and quality time with the cats!


Reminds me of that teddy bear boss from Splatterhouse 3.


For anyone interested, Pocky and Rocky Reshrined has been delayed until "Spring 2022". I'm still excited though and hopefully the extra time will deliver a better overall game.


Well, this is disappointing to hear. Frankly, I'm surprised Nintendo would let this slide seeing how they oversaw this project. However, it's not the first time MercurySteam has done this. People deserve credit for their work!


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