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Although I do like hand drawn art work in video games, there's just something about old-school spritework that makes me like it more.


It's looking very possible that I might be buying my new Mustang this Friday! I've been saving up for this kind of car for years. Accounting for the price of my down payment, Insurance, and registration...this won't be cheap ._.


After over a year, I decided to pop back in Wild Guns Reloaded and holey moley...I'd forgotten how hard this game is. But I'll be damned if I don't mention how fun it is. Time to git gud.


*Phew* Super busy day at work. Time to relax. So AMA AWAY! Ok?


It looks like Dead Island 2 is still in development and it's being worked on by the Homefront: The Revolution guys now. Yay? Also, THQ has Timesplitters co-creator Steve Ellis back at the helm of the series.


Because some people clearly think the state of things in the world isn't shitty enough, someone issued a bomb threat against Namco Bandai American offices. It's being investigated but hopefully it's a hoax and the perpetrator is caught.


HOLY SHIT! I just found my wallet that I thought I lost back in December. It somehow got wedged in the passenger seat of my car! I found it by accident while looking for something else I thought I lost.


For anyone interested, here is the final lineup video for the Turbographx-16/PC Engine Mini.


Found this while rummaging through some of my stuff. My dad got this for me when I was 16 at Kohl's (I don't even drink lol). It was a surprisingly good headrest when I would play on my PS2 back in the day. (I was a strange kid).


As far as I know, no timeframe outside the date nor price is available. Maybe Special Reserve will reveal that within the next few weeks.


Bloodstained so far is pretty damn good! It takes me back to when I was obsessed with the "Sorrow" games. The only flaw for me are the item bags getting stuck on geometry and being unobtainable and the missing words from dialogue boxes. Strange.


New pickup! Hot off of beating Order Of Ecclesia!


*Phew* I swear some of the trucks I unload are sentient and out for blood. Lots of falling boxes, heavy freight, and hot temperatures can be quite daunting. Now that this week is behind me, I can officially start my "weekend".


Silly question time! Of the three types of games (Kart racer, fighting, or Warriors-esque) which one would you like to see Destructoid themed? Who would the roster consist of (20 character limit)? How would you layout a foundation for this game? Etc...


I don't know what happened but this showed up after I got off work. Should I get this checked out?


I died and went to Heaven! TOTAL SENSORY OVERLOAD! As promised here are the pics. MANY in the comments. Might take a while.


I. HAVE. ARRIVED! More pics coming!


Super Castlevania IV is donezo! Overall, it's a pretty good game. Call me crazy but I think I like Bloodlines more. Also, stage B-2 with the stupid wheel, glitchy stairs, and floating platforms can die in a fire.


Looks like I'm going to California Extreme on Saturday! Can't Wait! http://t.co/TjSIwi6xzc?amp=1


Is anyone jonesing for a solid under-the-radar SNES platformer? Then look no further than Skyblazer. A very well designed and fun (albeit short and easy) game that kinda feels like a mix of Strider and Actraiser 2! Lots of abilities and unique bosses!


At last I have 1,000,000%ed The Binding of Isaac!


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