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Can Galko-chan and her sis be my religious figures? Because that Jesus guy kinda sucks and also isn't thicc.


I've signed up for Evo. I'm competing in Killer Instinct and Skullgirls. @Chris Moyse Get ready for some ass whooping! (I didn't even enter MK 11 because I'm trash in that game)


I hope you all stay safe in these difficult times. I love you all and want you to know that every human, no matter what they look like or what the color of their skin is, deserves dignity.


Rest in pepperonis "Vita Owner". :( You were the coolest character ever! I've heard rumors that Ellie meets "Switch Owner" later in the game and they become best friends and make out.


I had a long training session with my lil bro in SF V. He's way better than me and his Laura and Seth shit all over my Lucia/Urien. Ultimate Booty Fighter 3 is trash, I liked Ultimate Booty Fighter 2 way more! I need to get better!


I'm sorry, @Chris Moyse but if you really wanna be the next Evo champion you better prepare yourself because Jet will register for Evo 2020 and the Capcom Pro Tour 2020 Europe West. I will totally be the next Evo Online Champ. (Probably not)


Damn, even hentai mangakas are embracing memes these days...


Hey, it's my 400th post! Iknow you all expect an emotional post about how time flies by and how awesome this community is but it's just Thanos with your boy Lil Jon and they are snappin their fingaz!!!


Thicc Thursday! (2nd pic in the comments) Artist: Shinozuka George


Happy Mother's Day! Keep your moms happy.(Artist: Kuronomiki)


I bought some merch from the european Capcom store. I'm really happy that the DMC V and MHW tshirts look so good and the coffee mug is awesome. I've spent 50 bucks on it which is fine for 2 tshirts and a mug.


I preordered The Last of Us 2. I'm a fan of the first one but I'm in general a big fan of survival horror. I know two big spoilers but I wanna judge it by myself. I'm actually very excited for it.


EVO 2020 online will be such a dumpster fire! Get hyped!


Another hot take from Grandpa Jet: Star Wars Episode IX: Rise of Skywalker is a pile of burning trash. It's worse than The Last Jedi in my opinion and as bad as any of the prequel Star Wars movies. I was actually shocked how bad it is.


I've used my powerline network adapter for about a week now. It's great. I've played Siege, SF V and Hots to test it. My internet connection is more stable, I have no package data loss and ping is 9-24 ms. If you have questions hit me up in the comments.


Thicc Thursday. Pic in the comments


I had some interesting matches against a french Ryu player. My Lucia still needs work.


I bought the 2k humble bundle but I was only interested in the Bioshock Collection and the Borderlands games. All the other games (Spec Ops: The Line, Darkness 2, Xcom) I will gift to you! All games codes are in the comments. Bump.


It's friday! I wish you all a nice and relaxing weekend. It's time to boogie down!


I bought myself a powerline adapter kit and a new gaming headset. The Hyper X Cloud Stinger is really comfortable so far and the sound is great.


It's Thicc Thursday! 2nd pic is in the comments.


I know I'm late to the party but the FF VII Remake demo is really good. Wow, oldman jet bringing you all the hot takes.


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