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Most of society is guilty. They all sin. In the end it's all the same. Still, I believe a nihilist humanist might be the savior. A guy like Neo from the Matrix. To fight the system you will become the system.


Good morning! I wish you all a nice sunday :)


I'm working on a sf v character guide for Sakura and I can't wait for the anniversary collection to come out.


Do combo, wow, much damage! Combo wombo your enemies! (Video by desk)


Finally my cold is over...


I'm sick but my cold is slowly getting better. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. :)


My Dad died of cancer. I hope one day we will find a solution to this illness. Picture by Zimtameise.


Yo, applepie is delicious!


I want a bad girl! :)


It's a new week! Give it your all, guys and girls!


Sometimes a game franchise can mean more to you and only you.


Marvel is dead, long live Marvel and its players! Thanks to a community who helped me with advice and showed me love as a street fighter player who got invested into MvC: Infinite. See you at the next mahvel tourney or online.


Samuel Braz did an awesome tribute to Street Fighter.


This music still gives me goosebumps.


Capcom Cup was really cool last year and will soon start in 2018.


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