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I'm hyped for Guilty Gear Strive's release on friday. I will probably main Giovanna. My little bro is playing Ramlethal.Let's go!


After working for 3 years in customer care for two big Internet Service Providers in Germany I can only say this: I feel like the crazy guy in the Dark Souls games who sits at the fire, babbles some nonsense, laughs maniacally, and eventually attacks you.


Ono leaves Capcom and joins the Fate/Grand Order devs. From Street Fighter to Gacha Hell. 3,2,1...Shoryuken. Regardless what I think of Fate/ Grand Order I wish him the best!


I wish you all a good start into the new week. Take your time to get ready. Preparation is important.


From smashing boulders in Africa to stealing babies in Eastern Europe. He did it! My hero! ;)


Damn, who knew that Rose has a Blue-Eyes white Dragon! ;)


Look at this fresh tiger jacket.


Happy birthday Fake Plastic Trees and Ooktar. You are awesome and Dtoid wouldn't be the same without you.


After being invited from a friend to a game I bought myself the rulebook for Warhammer 40k. The art is really cool!


We did it! We are finally esports! Chun Li's thicc thighs save lives. 🤔🤣


Naruto in Space is garbage.


I heard there is a magical restaurant called "Bombshell" in Texas where all my fantasies come true... XD


This is relevant...


I wish you all a nice weekend!


Chris also demanded to put a maid costume in the game "Nier: Automata". My sources are the janitor who lived in that run down basement behind the grocery shop.


So I heard this crazy rumor: Yoko Taro and Chris Carter from Destructoid apparently met in a secret basement. Chris was promised the biggest, juiciest android asses just to give Drakengard 3 an 8. Chris Carter also demanded to make 2B's ass even bigger.


Man, KOF XV looks lit. I think SF VI, Guilty Gear Strive and KOF XV are my most anticipated fighting games right now. The League of Legends fighting game should also be out in this or next year. Yeah, interesting times for fighting game fans like me.


My dtoid Family. I have a confession to make: My favorite Tags are: Glasses, goth, Office Lady, Big Ass, Milf, Mom+Daughter and Ahegao. My question now is: Am I a scumbag?


You don't believe in no fake, everyday dig a new grave, you don't believe in no fate, I might just dig up your grave, City of Dreams, City of Gang, Gang, Gang, Gang...


Started Cyberpunk 2077 today. I really like it. Haven't encountered any bugs yet but the game's raytracing options definitely need some optimization. Turned them off for now and I play it on Ultra. It's nice!


Merry Christmas!!! Padoru, Padoru...


I have a question for all of Dtoid. Why are so many customers assholes during christmas time? Customer service can be so tiring...


Don't forget, kids...


I bought Mortal Kombat X in the Steam Fighting Game Sale. Any tips for a newcomer who comes from Street Fighter IV and V to MK?


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