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That logo screams ex Kojima Productions. I like it.


Seems like you play Granddad Baker in the End of Zoe DLC in RE 7 to save her. (There's a trailer too but it's a little bit spoilery)


So a bunch of characters in MvC:I get costumes and Dante gets DmC Dante(The Ninja Theory one). Eww. But some are really cool. The new costume for Morrigan and Chris in his Resident Evil leather jacket are my favorites. (link to gallery in comments)


Didn't have this game on my radar but it looks pretty awesome.


Who doesn't like Chili Dogs and big bazongas?


Statement from Naughty Dog regarding David Ballard's claims of sexual harassment (link and statement in the comments)


New BB Cross Tag Battle Trailer. New characters and it's coming to the switch! (I hope you can mute Rwby Rose, her voice makes my ears bleed)


This song just gives me the feels. It's beautiful.


Former Naughty Dog employee David Ballard says he was sexually harassed by a lead in late 2015. Oh boy, ND and Sony have to make a statement. He didn't call any names but these situations are always problematic.


The next SF V character will be revealed at Top 8 of the South East Majors (Seam). They also fixed the Spiderman infinite in MvC:I and made some adjustments and changes to Dante, Dormammu, Dr. Strange. Link to patch notes is in the comments.


I hope you guys and girls all have a nice weekend. If you wanna watch some cool fighting game action. Seam is this weekend!


Eminem just dropped a 4 min Freestyle dissing Donald Trump! He got more views than the new Star Wars Trailer. <3 Em


I just played MvC:I for 2 hours and from my 20 matches I lost 14. Man, Marvel and Tekken are really brutal online. Regardless, I had a lot of fun.


My favorite song from the Persona 4 ost.


The Overwatch Halloween event is live!


The MvC modding community is working on a cel shading mod for MvC:I. It looks interesting. The modders said that they still need more time and have to work on the comic ink shader. Here's a first look:


I love the original Rashid theme but this cover makes it even better!


And amazon just confirmed that the PC version of Shadow of War is just an empty box with a steam code inside. There isn't even a CD or DVD in there. It's impossible to buy it used.


Assassin's Creed Origins will also have lootboxes called Heka chests who contain extra weapons and other stuff. Ubisoft didn't comment yet if you can purchase them with real money but it seems to be likely.


After reading up on the Star Wars Battlefront 2 lootbox fiasco: Lootboxes should never have items that impact the balance of the game. They should never benefit the gamer with more money. This is pay to win and that sucks in a multiplayer shooter.


Look, I don't wanna open up old wounds but Cory Arnold's departure made me curious and I found some old blogs and discussions about Hoffmantoid and other stuff. So can someone tell me: Who was Hoffman and was this a similar situation?


Corys are human!!!


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