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You know what is fucking hardcore and totally for manly men that don't fuck around? Marimba VR, it certainly isn't no fucking bells. AKA check out this quality #Content aka review by me.


Panty Party is a game that exists and is coming to Steam and...looks kinda fun?


Prediction: Super Mario Odyssey will be delayed into 2018 like a month before launch in true Nintendo fashion.

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Review: AUKEY KM-G3 RGB Mechanical Keyboard

I love mechanical keyboards. I used to think people that raved and ranted about them and spent hundreds of dollars on a basic-looking, loud-as-hell keyboard were stupid idiots -- until I tried one. Now I can never go back. That said, I see ...   read

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Review: Rise & Shine

Have you ever fallen head over heals for someone extremely beautiful only to find out that what is at their very core is just not good, and may even be downright bad? It gives me no pleasure to say that is how I feel about Rise & Shine,...   read


PETA's first Steam game came out and seemingly everyone didn't notice. It is a free Binding of Isaac clone. Oh, but Steam Shovelers covered it ;)


I did the thing and soft launched the Steam Shovelers site. I've been so busy working on it I've had no time for anything else at all, so hopefully it is worth it.


‪I am the femme fatale of pork cutlet bowls and no man can resist me.‬


Ugh... I feel like garbage. WTF happened last night!? I legit don't remember most of it.


May 2017 be better than 2016 for everyone, regardless of how good or bad you thought it was.


I'm super deunk. I know we don't always agree but isn't that like every family? I love you fam. <3

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Jed Whitaker's top lit and or turnt games of 2016 fam

How do you do fellow kids? I'm sure you are all on the edges of your seats in anticipation of the most objectively correct list of the best games of 2016. Welp, here it is.  Lick my chest hair and call me daddychu.   read


A video I made last night for the Steam Shovelers WIP homepage that I showed to my Patreon backers (up to $41 already!). Might not be terrible?


My Patreon for Steam Shovelers, my site that aims to review every Steam game of 2017, is up to $10. Hurray! To celebrate, here is a rough sketch of what our logo is probably going to be.


Trying to comission of my favorite artists to design a logo for Steam Shovelers. Stayed up way too late last night losing sleep to get the site up. Pumped about gifv and webm support! Video > pics any day of the week.


So call me crazy but I'm gathering / have gathered a team to attempt to review EVERY Steam game released in 2017. Obviously there will be very short reviews for shit tier games. Hope this is something people want so we can get funding. Never hurts to try.


In last week's Hot and Steamy I said there would be a new one today. I lied. I just looked at the release list and it is like a prolapsed butthole spewing blood shit. Christmas is ruined. Thanks Blizzard. I shouldn't even have wake up today.


A picture of my favorite Nintendo character "Mr. Fister" His powerful hands will pulverize more than just blocks, if you know what I mean. (Buttholes, I mean buttholes.)


I need to write up my best of 2016 list. Boy did I play a lot of games this year, and I'd guess I'd never want to play most of them again. People say it was a great year gaming wise, but IDK that I agree as far as my tastes go. Too much open world BS.


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