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Anyone playing Night in the Woods? I see 0 critic reviews, idk if anyone even has code, no press downloads on, and reports of crashing / bad keyboard support on PC. For a game previewed positively a million times, they don't seem confident.


Don't shoot the messenger, but I'm being told that in the camera has been changed in the full version of NieR: Automata so you can no longer look up the characters skirt. Supposedly the camera pulls far out from the character to prevent it.


Anyone from the community pony up money for E3 tickets? As well as set aside a lifes savings for a hotel and transportation?


Starting a new podcast that I'm pretty excited about. At least one Dtoid alumnus will most likely be involved. Not to spoil what the podcast will be about but it is tentatively called Embargo Breakers, with Zelda: Breath of the Wild being 1st episode.


Nintendo saying the Zelda: Breathe of the Wild demo is lacking content on purpose to avoid spoilers seems fishy to me considering they have spoiled everything about Super Smash Bros. 4, Mario Kart 8, and most (if not all) of Pokemon S&M.


I know a lot of you like Metroidvania type game, so maybe consider checking out Alwa's Awakening. I think it is better than Shovel Knight, personally, though I don't think Shovel Knight is as great as ppl make it out to be.


The closer we get to Switch release, the more I see Zelda fans starting to feel more and more concerned with how the game looks. As a huge Zelda fan myself I can say this is the least excited I've felt about a new Zelda since the DS games.


You know what is fucking hardcore and totally for manly men that don't fuck around? Marimba VR, it certainly isn't no fucking bells. AKA check out this quality #Content aka review by me.


Panty Party is a game that exists and is coming to Steam and...looks kinda fun?


Prediction: Super Mario Odyssey will be delayed into 2018 like a month before launch in true Nintendo fashion.

FP: 8===D

Review: AUKEY KM-G3 RGB Mechanical Keyboard

I love mechanical keyboards. I used to think people that raved and ranted about them and spent hundreds of dollars on a basic-looking, loud-as-hell keyboard were stupid idiots -- until I tried one. Now I can never go back. That said, I see ...   read

FP: 8===D

Review: Rise & Shine

Have you ever fallen head over heals for someone extremely beautiful only to find out that what is at their very core is just not good, and may even be downright bad? It gives me no pleasure to say that is how I feel about Rise & Shine,...   read


PETA's first Steam game came out and seemingly everyone didn't notice. It is a free Binding of Isaac clone. Oh, but Steam Shovelers covered it ;)


I did the thing and soft launched the Steam Shovelers site. I've been so busy working on it I've had no time for anything else at all, so hopefully it is worth it.


‪I am the femme fatale of pork cutlet bowls and no man can resist me.‬


Ugh... I feel like garbage. WTF happened last night!? I legit don't remember most of it.


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