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Everyone is complaining about voice chat on the Switch meanwhile I’m over here using Morse Code on the 3DS.


Does anyone else here work out? I never see much talk of fitness or health in gaming communities. I’ve been lifting, running and dieting harder than ever. Down 35lbs since April.


Review: Shephy

I didn't think I'd ever be reviewing a solitaire card game literally about sheep fucking in alternate dimensions where plague doctors roam in packs, but here we are and there is no going back now. It gets weirder, I promise.


Review: De Mambo

According to The Dangerous Kitchen's Kickstarter for De Mambo, the developers made the game as a way to distract themselves from their hype surrounding the then-upcoming release of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. They also attempted to boil down...


I know I'm in the minority here, but I'm digging all these NES themed indie games coming out recently. Most are like NES games but with modern day game design theory. I wish there were more AAA games in these genres though.


Review: Bulb Boy

I can't get into most adventure games. Hunting for objects and attempting to use them in puzzles is typically too tedious for me to enjoy, and drawn-out narratives between characters with little to no interaction have literally put me to sl...


Review: That's You

Party games that use your smart device are quickly becoming all the rage these days from the Jackbox Party Pack series to Use Your Words and others I'm sure I'm forgetting. Not to be outdone, Sony has now got its hands in the very...


Fun fact: The Castlevania Netflix Show seems to have been an animated film that was in development for some time based on a leaked script about goat fucking which was in the first episode. see here


If Obama were a hardcore gamer, what do you think his favorite video game(s) would be?


Review: Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas

It isn't often here at Destructoid that we don't review a game that has been released for almost four years across seven platforms, but Oceanhorn is one of those cases. This Zelda-like started out as an iOS game way back in the age of Obama...


Remember kids, if you play games with bad balance or mechanics, you should put in 30-50 hours in hopes of getting good at the game, otherwise you aren’t allowed an opinion on said game.


Review: Dead By Daylight

If you haven't been living under a rock the last year, you've probably heard of this asymmetrical multiplayer horror title, thanks to every YouTuber and Twitch streamer on the planet screaming over it.  If you have, you probably think ...


“We’ve got it: a 3D platformer where you can use the powers of your enemies to complete puzzles. Starring....Mario!”


Have we discussed THE GAME of E3? I pretty much sat this one out aside from being a spectator. My votes are 1. Mario Odyssey and 2. Anthem. Worst game: whatever one Xbox showed with a live shoutcaster for a staged trailer.


ARMS single player is hard as fuck at 4 out of 7, which is required to unlock ranked play. I expect ranked to not have scrubs and be proper ranked.


ARMS single player is hard as fuck at 4 out of 7, which is required to unlock ranked play. I expect ranked to not have scrubs and be proper ranked.


Me and your dad last night, if you know what I mean.


Rockstar hasn't shown up yet and Take Two are making games for the Switch. You do the math.


Review: 8bitdo controllers (NES30/FC30/SNES30)

Everything old is new again, thanks to 8bitdo's controller collection that looks and feels like authentic NES and SNES controllers. Not only do these controllers work wirelessly (though you can play via USB on supported devices), but they a...


Review: SteelSeries QcK Prism

I'm becoming a real RGB slut. I have RGB lighting in my keyboard, mouse, behind my TV, and even, I shit you not, in my toilets. I don't know what it is, but being able to see a rainbow or any color I want at any given moment just makes me h...


No Shenmue 3 No Death Stranding Knack 2 PlayStation's E3 2017 is going to be lit af, my dudes


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