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Keeps on giving.


If you're not playing a game simply for the pleasure of getting to order Gaz-53s around, you're a broken person.


J. K. Rowling is prolly the only author to engage in making slashfic of her own works.


Roseawatta Stone just keeps on giving.


The new CSM kit being this good only makes it sadder that 8e edition is such boring trash. And Kill Team isn't better, fuck me.


These rhymes are fire!


This is art!


Even more amazing today than it was a few days ago.


Now he gets it!


What plug-in do I have to disable to get comments to show up reliably.


It's nice to see how Twitter is banding together to defend PewDiePie in this darkest of his days.


"Maybe the only nice thing he's ever said about a person of color and its fuckin r kelly" - a goon


Turns out, it would actually be good to have an "Is This A Meme Online Officer" as a position


Russian missile troops have... an interesting take on their service.


And since the world (and American healthcare system specifically) is a fuck, you can now support Dwarf Fortress' creators via Steam!


Proud to be part of the effort to crowdfund Lowtax a new spine.


Kill the alium!


Though you people could use a guide.


It's strange how the creator of Minecraft doesn't realize that he has reached bedrock and is trying to dig even deeper.


Here we see shoal of Tink servofish, also known by their scientific name Xenotrashae garbagensis.


"Caduceus" needs to be used more in fiction.


No! Bad kubrov, bad!


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