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The best is yet to come

Hello you beautiful people, I've been wanting to write a good-bye, but with the recent site upgrade I've just now had a chance to do so. I didn't work here very long, so I can't give a very tearful parting post. It's okay though, don'...

FP: Cities: Skylines review
  Watch Video The connection between the design and implementation of the sidewalks and streets we use on a daily basis requires a huge mental leap for me. Walking down the cobblestone in my city and looking up to see the sky framed with ...   read
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FP: Shelter 2 review
  Watch Video Underneath the vision of all but the most observant of people lay the secret lives of the animal kingdom. From the meekest field mouse to the mighty lion, each is born into a world of hardship and violence, where merely survi...   read
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FP: Homeworld tips
Although Homeworld Remastered Collection is classified as real-time strategy, there are some elements that set it apart from its brethren. The 3D camera and movement add another whole axis to worry about that some may find di...   read
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FP: Homeworld Remastered
  Watch Video In 1999, I was 11 years old. It was a time when every video game purchase was a gamble. The best you could do was to read a review or watch a grainy, minute-long Quicktime video that you spent an hour to download on 56k while...   read
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FP: Hot Tin Roof review
  Watch Video I’ve really been delving into the indie scene lately. There’s a huge amount of games coming from smaller development studios, and I’ve found a few that really impressed me. When I heard that a “crime n...   read
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