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I propose we fill this feed with images of cute animals, to remind us that there are still some good things in the world.


Someone in my flat is playing that Fallout 4 song on the Minuteman radio station whilst I was playing Fallout 4 - spent 10 minutes trying to sort out the in-game Pip Boy before realizing.


Sorry to distract from the festivities, but can I just point out how fantastic this piece of journalism is - and from Kotaku at that. http://www.kotaku.co.uk/2016/09/23/inside-the-troubled-development-of-star-citizen


Origin is telling me that Battlefront has a 7GB update. FOR WHAT!?!?!?


I keep getting Donald Trump rallies in my 'recommended' section on Youtube. Considering the last political video I watched was from the Liberal Democrats, I can't help but think Youtube's algorithms could use a bit of fine tuning.




I'm hearing rumours that the new PS4 is called the PS4 Pro rather than the Neo? Is this true? What were they thinking? Are my sources lairs? Explain. Explain! EXPLAAAAIIN!


Damn, two of my favorite games people are leaving VideogamerTV. Good luck to Jim and BURNS! in whatever they do next. How will the world of gaming journalism adapt without glorious wankery like this:


So er... the last episode of Robot Wars was the most exciting TV I've ever watched. Also, Apollo - what a robot.


I'm not sure why I have this on my PC, but I'm happy that I do.


It's A-Level results day, and I am yet to see a major news program show an image of teenage girls opening their results live. Something is very, very wrong. EDIT: BBC HAS SAVED THE DAY!


When you get so bored that you decide to discuss politics on the internet, and the other person runs away after insulting you, and you read the whole thread back to yourself and realise what a waste of time it all was, even compared to just being bored.


#Performertoid Who are your favourite performers (comedians, musicians etc.)? Mine's Bo Burnham, followed closely by Tim Minchin. Bo started doing this when he was my age - I need to up my game.


And so, another group of people learn that if review codes are withheld, it means the game has problems. Debilitating, agonizing problems. Did Arkham Knight teach us nothing?


Recap for 8/9/16 will be going up when I wake up tomorrow. I was about to start compiling links (I write the egotisms first) when I thought 'wait I can write MOAR!' so it will be slightly late. On the plus side, it's about 1500 words.


Looking at NMS, it just looks like ANOTHER procedural survival game. Just doing things to get more things to get more things that get more things. It seems to have some choose-your-own-adventure thing, which is nice. But the game looks 'meh' to me.


Writing a blog atm about how EA advertises its games. If there is something about their current PR that seems dishonest, crass, or otherwise undesirable, feel free to write them below. EA's PR consistently annoys me, and I decided to write about it.


I hear sport has begun? Do we finally get to establish who has properly won the sport? At least the non football sport? The football is never decided.


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