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Batman Arkham Asylum Box Art

Ahhh! Finally, some nice brutal box art to look at at one of my most anticipated games of 2011. http://cdn.superherohype.com/images/stories/2011/June/arkhamcity00001small.jpg Very pretty no? :) Looking VERY forward to this game seeing a...


Duke Nukem Forever Review

Duke Nukem Forever, a game i had personally been looking forward too as I had grown quite tired and monotone towards today's 'Modern Shooter' with a pallet choice of colours that range from light, sandy brown, to dark grey. I welcomed this ...


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I am Jack-Joe, 17 year old, aspiring game journalist focusing on reviews and critiques of all the best possible games, I love to write, I attempt to stay eloquent and try not to go on game hating 'rants' if I don't preference a certain games style, I will try to give a fair, objective, unbiased mixed in with harsh humor and an undertone of certainty. I hope to become a professional one day, as childish as it sounds, as it will be my dream come true.
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