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Does Mutant: Year Zero still have Denuvo? Have the developers apologized for that PR nightmare? Being part of the Humble Monthly is a tempting deal, but gotta have principles.


For all the RPG peeps: the kickstarter for the new edition of Savage Worlds launched, was funded within minutes. Personally, I'm going for that sweet, sweet collector's edition. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/545820095/savage-worlds-adventure-edi


As a p&p rpg fan, I'm delighted that DnD is getting so much love, but I'm bummed that it seems to be about DnD and only DnD. Savage Worlds and Cyberpunk are getting new editions. Witcher RPG just released. Bundleofholding.com is awesome. Where's the love?


So I've been using my free time altering between Eternal, Elder Scrolls: Legends and Gwent. Damn you CCGs, why you so addictive!? Also Gwent needs an android port. Can't watch over a kid in a park from my desktop :(


I enjoyed Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Not necessarily for the reasons they intended, but I giggled all the way through and Chris Pratt makes one good-looking pulp hero. It was more Indiana Jones or James Bond than Jurassic Park, which isn't bad.


Today I stared out of the window for five minutes and pondered how awesome it would be to play Skies of Arcadia 2 someday.


So I intended to post a funny, but then didn't because I got anxieties about explaining the joke and also I have a depression and panic attacks these days also hello there qposts it's been a while!


I just realized I've been pretty quiet on Dtoid for a few months. Not that surprising, considering how crazy my semester has been. Here's hoping I'll get around to posting stupid and/or fun shit in the upcoming year. See ya around and have a funny gif.


Just came from seeing Rouge One. It was... alright. I liked a lot of it, but a lot of missteps it took held it back. Not going further into detail, because spoilers. Also way more rouge than I was excepting.


Found this channel today, thanks to this video, comes highly recommended. This Thanksgiving, when you get sick of your family, watch a video or two, and learn something! BTW, we don't have a Thanksgiving over here, so no awkward family dinner for me! Yay!


I just tried out the demo for Shadow Tactics, and boy, where did this gem come from? I hadn't heard a word of it, but it's amazing. Kinda makes me wish somebody would remaster the Desperados games, using Shadow Tactics as an improvement guide.


Donald Glover cast as the young Lando Calrissian in the Han Solo movie. Please gif responsibly.


I wanted to start a #moomintoid but I guess I'll have to jump on the #falltoid bandwagon. Also, my internship is 75% done, expect some thoughts on nursing kids with cancer, maybe with a viedo gaemes angle, in the near future. Might be C-blog, might be QP.


I found RedLetterMedia two months ago, and now I laugh like Rich Evans when browsing the internet, be it funny videos, clever puns or Dtoid. I'm not sure I like what I've become. Oh fuck it, yes I do! HAAAAHAAAHAAA.


My latest internship at the hospital started today. For the next four weeks, I'll be nursing mainly kids (aged 0-16) who have cancer. The first day was great, and I'm looking forward to the rest of the internship, but I'll have much less time to dtoid. :(


I've been thinking about changing avatars. I've had the Pearls Before Swine croc for years now across several social media, and changing it feels like parting ways with an old friend. Then again, it's just something I like, not my persona. Decisions...


The loss of Bowie, Rickman, Wilder and others is sad, but why do people blame the year 2016? The year has done nothing wrong!


So I've been playing Satellite Reign lately. Spend 45 minutes sneaking into a compound, got two prototypes and was killed on the way back. Tried to retrieve the prototypes with new bodies, was killed instantly. 5/5 would play again.


If I had a PS3, I'd jump onto the new Humble bundle instantly. Just sayin'.


I bought a mobile game for full price, even though its Steam version would've been 0.5€ cheaper. I'm scared of what I've become. Then again, it was Reigns. Reigns is awesome.


It's easy to be negative, angry even, about movies, games and other pop-culture. Without delving into the publishers and fanboy wars, can we all just appreciate how fun this poster is? Can't wait for the friendly neighbourhood wall crawler in his movie.


Was going to do a QP about Resident Metal Gear Evil, but was beaten to the punch by just about everybody. RESIDENT METAL GEAR EVIL, GET IT?


This the big toe of my left foot. I like it. It got a bit of hair, reassuring me of my masculinity, but has enough grace and dexterity to tip-toe on. I often forget to clip the nail, and then it rubs against my sock, which is uncomfortable. #ToeToid


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