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Happy Trogday, here's a free Strong Bad game.

I haven't blogged in a while, so I will pass this on to you fine folks. As Telltale likes to do, they are giving away a free game. This time you can get the final episode of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, 8-bit is Enough. S...


Dyson in Game Informer!

I question why I still get Game Informer. It has absolutely nothing appealing to me. But it makes good turlet readin'. So I'm looking at the pictures page and I glance at the top left corner. I think, "Hmm, that guy on the left looks famil...


Lemmy is in Guitar Hero Metallica.

Chalk one up for Neversoft. That is a crappy quality image. But, in the lower left hand corner, that my friends is Lemmy. According to Score Hero, he has his own signature mic stand and bass. You don't know how fucking excited I am about...


10 things you don't know about the JTHomeslice.

The reason you don't know these things is because I blog about once every 3 months. But, here you go. 1. I played 3 years of high school football. Next semester will be my senior year, but I really don't want to play. 2. Despite playing f...


Apparently, UGO owns 1UP now.

It's been rumored that UGO was interested in purchasing 1UP, and now they did. This article says it. They own all their subsites as well. It doesn't mention EGM at all, so who knows what's up them. Yeah, not much to say. Edit: EGM is de...



Have I ever said I love Fanboys? Because I do. But, yeah, if that really happened, I'd shit my pants. Original


This week's Rock Band DLC: Weirdest. Week. Ever.

We now have a week to top Disturbed and Jimmy Buffet. Children of Bodom and the Naked Brothers Band. What. Straight from HMXSean: Hey everybody, Here we have next week's releases which I think we can safely say cast a very wide net in ge...


Guitar Hero Metallica confirmed by trailer.

This trailer comes from Guitar Hero World Tour. After not keeping it very secret, Guitar Hero Metallica has some official proof from Activision. Not much is seen, but Master of Puppets is in the backround which equals awesome. It's also p...


Dennis Dyack gets banned from Neogaf

So, yeah. I've never used Neogaf. But Dennis Dyack did. He made some posts making bets with people and other things (I'm not very informed). But He has called Gaf the worst forum, and that tore it for EviLore. I'm just gonna copy what he sa...


Ozzy Osborne joins Guitar Hero World Tour.

According to an article on G4tv.com, Ozzy Osborne is now in GHWT. There will also 2 songs off of his Blizzard of Ozz album. They Are Crazy Train (Finally) Mr. Crowley Here's an image of Ozzy in action. The GHWT setlist is looking pret...


New Guitar Hero World Tour tracks revealed

In this month's Stuff Magazine, they have a big article about Guitar Hero World Tour, revealing some new tracks. Some of these have been confirmed, while some are new. Here's the artists and tracks mentioned. Artists Nirvana Muse Beastie B...


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